[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Tips and Tricks: Beast vs Slasher

This article contains tips and tricks in winning in Beast vs Slasher Mode. This game mode is available in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5].

Tips and Tricks: Beast vs Slasher Mode

Beast vs Slasher works similarly to Hunt the Beast and Slasher. In fact, this particular mode shares the same mechanics as the former games. However, there are some additional catches such as having more checkpoints for the Beast to cover. The Beast must cover 15 checkpoints while the Slashers hunt them down. Beasts can also turn invisible, gain super speed, and regenerate health over time. The Slashers also divide into three different classes: Assault, Demolition, and, Heavy. It’s also in this particular mode that players can use Railguns to fight their enemies.

As for tips and tricks, here are some for both sides of the Beast vs Slasher mode:

Beasts: Keep Moving

Staying still one place may allow the Beast to regenerate health but they soon become visible on the radar. This may be problematic especially since the Beast is unable to defend oneself from the incoming attacks. However, they do have an extended health pool that is capable of taking damage from the Slasher team. Thus, it’s best to keep moving especially if the Slasher shows up.

Beasts: Skill Combos

Invisibility + Stationary = Pseudo Safe Point

Beasts can turn themselves invisible, allowing themselves to run undetected. If they do so, they can combine this with staying stationary as a means to replenish the spent HP used for the skill. However, the invisibility only lasts for a few seconds (approx. 5 seconds). While this may not appear as a lot, the amount of HP replenished can still be big due to increased HP replenishment.

Super Jump + Invisibility = Increased Movement

The increased movement is useful especially when trying to scale places such as walls and etc. At the same time, using both these skills will allow you to slip by undetected especially by the Slashers. However, this combination may cost a lot of HP. This may result to the player requiring to hide as soon as he gets the checkpoint.

Slashers: Weapons 101

As of now, there are three roles: Assault, Heavy, and Demolition. Each of them have a specific gun which distinguish them from the other members. Assault uses a Railgun which fires electrically charged rounds. Heavy uses a Mini-Gun which unleashes a stream of bullets whereas the Demolition relies on the RPG to deal heavy damage.

All players are equipped with a Pistol .50 w/ Flashlight, Flare Gun, Carbine Rifle, and a Pump Shotgun w/ Flashlight.

Assault: Chase and Scout

As one of the faster roles, the Assault-type players have Railguns which can make a lot of noise. This makes them perfect for the role of chasing the Beast. While they are similar to the Heavy-type players, their gun has increased firing power which can deal heavy damage to the Beast.

Heavy: Sound Off Strategy

Because the Mini-Gun can slow down the player, those who are playing the Heavy Role in Grand Theft Auto V are better off not moving or sniping from above. Another tactic is to corner the Beast with several other Heavy players while allowing the Demolition Team to go in for the kill.

Demolition: Geometry 101

Unfortunately, the RPG having a slow firing rate requires players to either a) anticipate the direction of the running Beast and b) knowing what kind of things will flip over should ammo from the RPG hit an object. Using the RPG, the Demolition role players can flip around cars using the load of the RPG to block off the Beast. Others can snipe using the RPG as a means to take down the Beast with a single blast.

List of Maps in Beast vs Slasher

There are a variety of maps in this particular mode. Some of these maps may have more obstacles than others, giving players unique experiences in Beast vs Slasher.

Stage Area
1 St. Fiacre Hospital
2 Backlot City
3 Paleto Forest Sawhill
4 Del Perro Pier
5 Humane Labs and Research

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