[Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds] Camping Spots

This is a Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds article. Here you will learn about the best camping spots in-game.

Camping Spots

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds can be one in many ways. The first is to go aggro on everyone and just kill them all one by one. Another strategy is to stay out of everyone’s way right until you are the last person alive. And yet another strategy is to camp somewhere you can’t be seen. Here’s some of the best camping spots in-game.

#1. On a Boat (PG-117)

Source: Youtube – Eagle X 99

I think this is only a viable strategy if:

  1. The clock is ticking down.
  2. You’re already in possession of a boat.
  3. The safe zone or the edge of the electrical field is in a body of water.

Note that you’ll need at least a suppressor and a scoped weapon here. As much as possible, stay far enough from shore that people won’t be able to spot you, and quickly snipe them off from your boat. With a suppressor at your side, you can nab some kills as quickly as possible.

Watch out for swimmers, though. There’s a possibility that people might also have the same idea, so it’s best if you move around on your boat to prevent terrible things.

#2. Corners

There was this one time, back when I was new(er) to the game, that I got killed by a foe hiding in a corner on the exterior of the building I had looted awhile ago. I distinctively heard footsteps, and didn’t care for it, so when he had shot me, I didn’t have time to fire back, and he killed me where I stood.

This taught me a good lesson: corners are good hiding spots. People don’t usually look at corners that much (unless they’re aware of the strategy).

Note that you should use a weapon devastating in close-range when you’re camping in a corner, unless the enemy can be sniped from afar…

Speaking of snipers…

#3. High Ground / Bird’s Nests

camping spots

For those who don’t know, a bird’s nest is a place where you have a substantial view of a certain area.

Many towers and high spots exist in Erangel. One of these is a church in one of the hilly places on Erangel. You can use this spot as a sniper’s nest. Just remember that you’ll need a good suppressor while you’re on top. You wouldn’t want to give your location away now.

#4. Rule of  Thumb: Least number of guarding spots

Source: Youtube – FoxenFree Films

You could find this specific location on the outskirts of Pochinki. 

Now, the reason why this location (and others like it) will be vital to your survival as a camper, is that it only has two openings for you to deal with. This means that, barring team vs. solo matches, you can deal with one enemy from one front, most of the time.

#5. Secluded Areas

There are many hard-to-reach areas in PUBG. Take this for example:


Source: Youtube – Earhart 

You can find this spot in Pochinki. You have to leap a couple of rooftops to access the spot (which is on the building you came from), but once you’re there, it’s a viable location for you to start sniping people.

#6. OP Bushes

When hiding in the bushes, your prey would usually be people running in an open field. I think it’ll be great to use a ghillie suit while hiding in the bushes. Make sure you also have a reliable weapon on you while doing so. This is a bit dangerous, though, given that it’s still in an  open field. However, staying in a bush will grant you a significant amount of camouflage from the naked eye.

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