[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] Frag Grenade Guide

This page contains a strategy for the frag grenade in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) that gives tips and tricks on how to effectively use the throwable weapon.

Frag Grenade Guide

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A frag grenade deals instant damage in a small surrounding area that you throwed it to. Frag grenades are very useful in situations where enemies are hiding behind obstacles because your grenade won’t detonate until after a few seconds since you initially throwed it.

They can also be used to flush out enemies from inside buildings and houses where it is very tricky to get inside without being jumped on and shot by enemies from a lot of blind spots. You can also use frag grenades to kill enemies hiding underwater. Since players that are submerged underwater can’t be hit by bullets, accurately throwing your grenade towards them will effectively kill them.

Although the frag grenade is great for clearing enemies inside buildings, they have a slower area of effect compared to that of the stun grenade. Frag grenades deal a lot of damage and if you can hit a player directly with it, will immediately kill them. This is the only boon it has against the stun grenade so your accuracy is key when throwing one. Don’t forget that if you do not throw the grenade once you’ve pulled the pin will result to the grenade blowing up while you’re still holding it.

Use frag grenades with caution as an incorrectly thrown one will do more harm than good. Remember that using frag grenades in enclosed areas is very dangerous as it’ll most likely detonate in the small area that you are in. Frag grenades can also bounce against wall so always use it with caution.

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