[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] Molotov Cocktail Guide

This page contains a strategy for the molotov cocktail in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) that gives tips and tricks on how to effectively use the throwable weapon.

Molotov Cocktail Guide

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Molotov cocktails have a lasting effect like that of the smoke grenade. The only difference between the two is that molotovs deal damage around the area it was thrown. A molotov cocktail would be most useful to flush out enemy campers in secure areas where they have the advantage. An example of this is players on high terrain. You can throw molotovs at their location to prevent them from staying there allowing you to advance.

Molotovs can also be used to prevent enemies from pursuing you inside buildings. You can throw a molotov behind your path to discourage them from pursuing. Be mindful though as a misused molotov might result to your escape path being blocked putting you in a tight situation where death is inevitable.

You can also use molotovs to block single paths from your enemies like bridges. A proper positioned molotov will allow you to prevent enemy players from going close to you. You can also use molotovs to separate your character from someone who is using a melee weapon as well. Try to aim it in front of you to deter your enemy from coming any close. You can then freely shoot the enemy player from there on.

Molotovs can also be used like a frag grenade to hit enemies that are hiding behind obstacles. Since this throwable weapon won’t explode until impact, you can throw it above the object that is protecting that player. Just remember to always use your molotov wisely, as it can turn even against you.

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