[Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] P18C Pistol Guide

This article contains a guide on the P18C Pistol. It includes the Weapon Stats, and recommended Strategy.

P18C Pistol Guide

Magazine Power Effective Range
17 19 F
Stability Obtainability Rating
Ammunition Used: 9mm


This pistol can only fire in full auto. Because of this, its shot
performance is higher but it should only be used in close range.

On the other hand, its power per shot is the lowest among
all pistols. Its effective range is short and its accuracy is low, so it
is only effective during short range combat.

The P18C chambers for 9mm, and can be used as a kind of submachine gun. however, since the UMP9 SMG has better capacity and range, it’s best to replace this weapon for a better automatic weapon.

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