PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG - PUBG Banning Thousands of Cheaters Per Day: News

PUBG has drastically increased the amount of banned cheaters - most of whom are from China - in the last month with help from anti-cheaters BattlEye.

Banned Cheaters Double in One Month

Dealing with cheating in your favorite game can be an incredibly frustrating experience.  Many PUBG players know this feeling all too well: players zipping around the map in the blink of an eye, or taking you out with a seemingly impossible shot (of course, the lack of a death recap often makes it difficult to differentiate between a cheater and a very skilled player, but I digress).  Cheating is certainly a concern for major multiplayer game developers as well.  If it becomes rampant enough, even the most ardent players will leave in droves.

From the start, PUBG developer Bluehole was well aware of the possibility of hacking programs infiltrating their game.  Last December, they partnered with anti-cheat specialists BattlEye to help eliminate cheaters, and it seems like the collaboration is beginning to pay huge dividends:

While PUBG was seemingly pleased with the number of bans they handed out as of last month, they likely did not expect the number to double by this past weekend:

322,000 cheaters banned is a staggering number, even considering the massive player base (the peak concurrent player number has since eclipsed the 2 million mark).  It remains to be seen how much of an effect the bans will have on curbing cheating, however, as hacking programs become even more sophisticated.

PlayerUnknown Responds to Criticism

In addition to cracking down on cheating, Creative Director Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene responded to some vulgar criticism on Twitter with a cheeky recommendation:

Greene later responded to another tweet with an actual update on the progress of “improvements”:

Despite being wildly popular, PUBG still has its fair share of issues, from bugs to a lack of features to the aforementioned cheaters.  Greene and Bluehole seem to be hard at work alleviating those issues, though it looks as though that could take some time.

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