[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] S1897 SG Guide

This page contains a strategy for the shotgun S1897 in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) that gives tips and tricks on how to effectively use the weapon.

S1897 SG Guide

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Magazine Combat Power Effective Range
5 25 x 9 F
Stability Obtainability Rating


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The S1897 is an easily obtainable item in the field and deals high damage in close range. The secret to this damage output is that it has 9 pellets per shot that if lands on all of your enemy’s body, will surely result to his death. The only problem with this is that the farther your target is, the greater the chances of the pellets scattering in a larger area minimizing the damage that you could have had inflicted. This weapon also takes a lot of time to reload.

The effective method in using this weapon would be fore close-quarter combats like inside houses or buildings to ensure that you can blast your shotgun up close to your enemy and ensure that they don’t have much room to dodge your shots. Be careful though for if you miss your shot, you would be potentially be a sitting duck against your enemy as you would need time to reload your shot and shoot again.

It would be best to shoot your enemy as close as possible, then retreat or take cover if your initial shot misses. You can play safer and more effectively by shooting your opponent from point-blank then hiding if you are gonna reload. This will ensure you that you won’t have to take damage from your enemy while your shotgun is busy pumping the next round.

Remember to always be in the position where you can use your weapon to its utmost advantage. Your S1897 is close-ranged but offers a lot of burst damage if you successfully manage to hit your opponent head on. And because it specializes in close range, it would be best to never take the fight outside your weapon’s range as you will just get defeated by other weapons suitable for long-range.


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