Brawl Stars - Brawler Tier List – Big Game: Hunters

Brawler Tier List for Brawl Star's Big Game Event. A team of five players are pitted against one Boss player who they must take down at the fastest time to earn more keys in the game.

Brawler Tier List – Big Game

Winning in Big Game (at least for the Non-Boss Brawlers) is all about burst damage and crowd control to take down the Boss as fast as possible. While every Brawler brings something unique to the party, only a few of them truly shine in this one-versus-five Event.

Note that this Big Game tier list only applies when you’re playing on the side of the Boss hunters, as you are much less likely to be the Boss in the match. You can check out our Big Game Guide to know which Brawlers you can use to last the longest possible time as the boss.
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Tier List

S Tier

These Brawlers are the gold standard when it comes to taking down the Boss quickly. They have exceptional tools to quickly end the match, be they super or basic attacks.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars FrankFrank A mix of exceptional tankiness, movement speed, and that all too important Stunning Blow that stops the Boss Brawler dead in his tracks make Frank insanely good for Boss Fight. What’s more, two or more Franks on the team can potentially stunlock the Boss if they time their Stunning Blow correctly.
Brawl Stars SpikeSpike Spike can easily burst down single targets by firing his Needle Grenade as close as possible and thus increasing the chance that more needles will hit the enemy. This make him an absolute monster of a boss hunter, especially since the Boss has a humongous hitbox. His Stick Around Super Attack furthers his utility in Big Game, as it slows down the movement speed of the Boss as they try to run away.
Brawl Stars ShellyShelly Shelly is one of the best mid to close-range Brawlers in Big Game because of how she can quickly and consistently charge Super Shell as she lands shots on the target. This means that Shelly can fire at will and repeatedly unload on the Boss with Super Shell before it they have any chance to pull away or take Shelly out.
Brawl Stars BarleyBarley Barley’s AoE attacks that briefly linger on the map are excellent tear down the boss while making it difficult for the target to move around. This allows Barley to strategically cut off any escape routes the Boss might take so that his allies can keep on them.

A Tier

These Brawlers have something exceptional to offer to the Boss killing team, be it in the form of damage or unique abilities.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars ColtColt Colt’s formidable range and damage makes him a very good pick in Big Game. Colt can relentlessly pepper the Boss with his rapid fire shots and does well in staying on his target because of his movement speed. Bullet Train can also destroy any cover that the Boss might try to run to.
Brawl Stars TaraTara Tara has very good utility as a member of the Boss hunter team. She can rope the boss into a singular area with Gravity, leaving them open to Hunter fire. You can also charge Gravity quickly by being able to consistently land more than one card on the Boss’s large hitbox.
Brawl Stars NitaNita Nita introduces an additional threat to the Boss Brawler by way of Big Baby Bear. Nita is also quite tanky, allowing her to last longer than most Brawlers until she can summon her bear again (she will still do damage even when killed as her bear will not disappear with her).
Brawl Stars DynamikeDynamike While Dynamike seems like he has around the same potential as Barley as one of the Boss hunters in Boss Fight, he’s just slightly outclassed by the bartending robot because of the time it takes for his bombs to explode. This allows the Boss Brawler to get out of harms way if Dynamike has poor aim. This makes Dynamike a bit trickier to play as an AoE Brawler than Barley.

B Tier

B Tier Brawlers are decent for Big Game, though have something holding them back compared to those in the A or S tiers.

Brawler Description
RicochetBrawl Stars Ricochet Ricochet’s ability to bounce his shots allows him to hit the Boss Brawler when they hide behind cover. This forces the Boss to reposition itself, allowing the other members of the team to cut him off from escaping before focusing their firepower on him.
Brawl Stars CrowCrow Crow can deal out steady DPS but will have to be very careful to avoid being burst down. Swoop can be used as a bit of a panic button should Crow come under fire.
Brawl Stars DarrylDarryl Darryl has good damage up close to a boss in addition to being able to get close using Barrel Roll. While he isn’t as consistent as Shelly in terms of bursting down the Boss, catching your target in a tight space to hit it Barrel Roll multiple times has the potential to deal massive amounts of hurt.
Brawl Stars BrockBrock Brock can be decent at tearing off chunks of the Boss’ health if the player has careful aim. Rocket Rain can additionally clear away any obstacles that the Boss swas trying to use for cover.
Brawl Stars BullBull Despite being a shotgun-wielder like Shelly, Bull isn’t in the same league with the bandita. Bull does have a good amount of health to be able to hold out a bit longer to duke it out with the Boss Brawler, though will fall nearly as fast the squishier ones when up against a target that has as much damage as a Boss.
Brawl Stars BoBo Bo’s mines are useful for getting in damage as the boss runs about on the map. These are best used in tight spaces since the large enemy is likely to trip on them. Despite this utility, Bo can’t burst down Bosses as fast as the higher-ranked Brawlers in this list.
Brawl Stars PiperPiper Should she land each shot, Piper can blast away the Boss’ health with her Gunbrella. Poppin’ gives her an escape as well, should she fall under the Boss’ crosshairs.

Tier C

These Brawlers will really struggle in Big Game, having little to no impact at all to end the match the fastest possible time. You should avoid them when queing up for the Event, at least as part of the Boss hunters.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars MortisMortis While Mortis has decent melee damag, his average health won’t let him hold out for long against his target. He definitely shines as a Boss by being able to constantly run away from enemies, but his lack of effect as a hunter and the low chance of being picked as the Boss makes him a risky pick.
Brawl Stars PocoPoco Poco’s playstyle doesn’t have the biggest impact in Boss Fight as the team needs as much damage as they can get. Power Chord doesn’t measure up to the other Brawler when it comes this objective, making him a poor choice in Boss Fight. With how hard the boss hits, he won’t find the most use out of Power Chord either
Brawl Stars El PrimoEl Primo El Primo’s position in the list echoes the big problem that most melee Brawlers have as a Boss hunter. Having to be in the Boss’ face is just bad when you don’t have the burst potential to knock down their health.
Brawl Stars PamPam Pam is similar to Poco in that their mix of damage and support just doesn’t mean a lot in Boss Fight. She does very little damage overall and should be skipped in Boss Fight a majority of the time.
Brawl Stars JessieJessie Jessie doesn’t really do well in Boss Fight as her damage works better against groups than a solitary boss. Her turret can also be easily dodged or destroyed by the Boss Brawler, making it an unreliable addition.
Brawl Stars PennyPenny Another Brawler who’s good as the Boss but bad as a hunter. Penny’s cannon fires very slowly, making the shots easy to dodge. In addition, Plunderbuss is much more suited to groups of enemies than a single target.
Brawl Stars LeonLeon Leon’s sneaky offense doesn’t give any advantage to his team when it comes to killing the Boss quickly. He does do well as Boss, able to cloak himself and enjoying good mobility, but these aren’t always the best traits for a hunter.

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