Brawl Stars - Brawler Tier List – Gem Grab

Brawler Tier List – Gem Grab

Gem Grab is the first game mode that players come across in Brawl Stars. While the rules may be simple, some brawlers have a small edge over the others in terms of usability and effectiveness. We have compared the heroes to each other and come up with a list of our take on which brawlers are the most efficient in this game mode.
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Tier List

S Tier

These brawlers are must-haves in Gem Grab if you want to stack up your trophy count. They can be in any team composition and can carry games on their own without worrying much about ally brawlers. Each one can be a game changer on their own.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars SpikeSpike Spike is currently one of the strongest brawlers that can dominate in almost every mode. He shines the most in Gem Grab, however, as his ability to pressure tight areas and the gem mine far exceeds those of other brawlers. His basic attack alone can provide suppressing fire to anyone who tries to get close to the gem mine.
PamBrawl Stars Pam Pam is the best tank when playing Gem Grab. Her healing turret is a lifesaver in certain situations where you want to either secure a spot in the map or keep the gem carrier alive.
Brawl Stars PocoPoco Poco is considered to be one of the best gem carriers due to the super attack that heals himself and his teammates. His widespread attacks can also blast through multiple enemies, making him a strong brawler in short-range skirmishes.

A tier

Brawlers in the A tier are still considered strong but are less game stomping in the mode. These brawlers They still will have to rely on their allies for success, less capable of solo carrying matches.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars TaraTara Tara is a great fighter who can inflict massive damage with her basic attack while having one of the most reliable super attack that can suck enemy brawlers in one area, allowing your teammates to burst them down.
Brawl Stars RicochetRicochet Richochet’s basic and super attack are really annoying to deal with. This is especially true in Gem Grab where most of the maps are filled walls and obstacles. This alone gives a team with Ricochet a strong advantage, not letting enemies heal up or get close to the gem mine.
Brawl Stars PennyPenny Penny is very strong in tight spots due to her basic attack. Her super attack can also be very vital in providing continuous damage in a singular area, such as the gem mine where most fights will be taking place.
Brawl Stars NitaNita Nita is a great front liner in Gem Grab because of her super attack. The bear can serve as a meat shield while Nita and her teammates secure the gem mine. Her basic attacks also deal a considerable amount of damage, making her a decent threat on her own.
Brawl Stars CrowCrow Crow is a monster when it comes to killing off enemy brawlers and providing pressure. His poison can make it hard for the enemy team to recover, forcing them to retreat for long periods. He can also act as a gem carrier and quickly swoosh to safety with his super attack.
Brawl Stars FrankFrank Frank is a great defensive brawler that can provide backup as long as he gets in the right position. His super attack also stuns enemies, giving your teammates a window to get gems or finish off the unlucky target.
Brawl Stars JessieJessie Jessie’s turrets can be great at keeping control of the gem mine. Her basic attack is what sets makes her a good pick, as her attacks bounce off targets and toward other brawlers. This is great for dealing with enemies that have clumped together or finding any who might be hiding.
Brawl Stars BarleyBarley Barley is a strong Brawler as he can provide pressure in a large area with his molotov. Given that enemies will naturally move towards gems, players can easily predict where to aim Barley’s bottles. This is great for punishing enemies who try to collect loose gems.
Brawl Stars BrockBrock Brock needs distance to be effective. This might push away some players, but his damage output cannot be ignored and can be very useful when you are on the offensive end.

B tier

B tier brawlers are usually situational, often having a far greater substitute in the higher tiers. They aren’t as bad, but playing them might give you slight disadvantage against those who brawlers who are high on the rankings.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars ShellyShelly Shelly, for the most part, is a well-balanced brawler. What makes her low on the list is her limited offensive options in Gem Grab. Without lots of tall grass, she can get zoned out of effective range.
Brawl Stars DarrylDarryl Darryl is like Shelly and Bull combined. He is great at dueling enemies by rolling up to them and unloading his twin shotguns. That said, this playstyle isn’t necessarily well suited for Gem Grab.
Brawl Stars DynamikeDynamike Dynamike is explosive in Gem Grab, especially when he has his star power. He can secure positions with his bomb while also dealing a ton of damage to enemy brawlers. He can also be a nice gem carrier once he gets his star power as he can vault over obstacles with his basic and super attacks.
Brawl Stars BullBull Bull is an okay gem carrier but can struggle to contribute offensively. However, his super attack can do wonders when you are the gem carrier and need to retreat.
Brawl Stars BoBo The only thing that saves Bo from being in the C tier is his super attack which can be great for securing the gem mine. On the other hand, his basic attack is unreliable and can be unpredictable in long range.
Brawl Stars MortisMortis Mortis needs to get really close to targets in order to to deal damage. While this normally would make him a rather poor pick for Gem Grab, his mobility makes up for it. Being able to dash around the map makes im a capable gem carrier. His super attack can additionally provide him with some much needed sustain in tight spots.
Brawl Stars ColtColt Colt can be considered a glass cannon. With this, he is not reliable at being the gem carrier of the team. Pick Colt if you are certain that your team has a tank or a strong gem carrier brawler.

Tier C

These brawlers are last on tier ranking for a reason. They are strong in their way, but not the best choice for Gem Grab. Their attacks and playstyles don’t fit the game mode as other heroes’.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars PiperPiper Piper relies very heavily on positioning. Her basic attack needs to hit from a considerable distance for maximum distance. The many corners and angles of Gem Grab aren’t really ideal for this. What’s more, it runs counter to the need to collect gems.
Brawl Stars El PrimoEl Primo In contrast to Piper, El Primo struggles due to his considerably short range. Unless the day’s map has a lot of tall grass, he will have difficulty approaching enemies. His close range can additionally make him a poor gem carrier, he is regularly in harm’s way.


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