Brawl Stars - Brawler Tier List – Robo Rumble

Brawler Tier List for Brawl Star's Robo Rumble game mode. The Event pits three players against countless waves of robot enemies as they try to defend their team's safe for the longest time possible.

Brawler Tier List – Robo Rumble

Brawl Stars’ Robo Rumble Event is a team-based game mode where three players must work together to defend their safe from wave after wave of robots. This Event favors Brawlers with good DPS against multiple targets, as well as options to dodge, stall, or otherwise survive an advancing swarm of enemies.
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Tier List

S Tier

These Brawlers give players the highest chances of holding out the longest in Robo Rumble. They typically are good at handling multiple enemies or have very good survivability.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars ColtColt Colt can unleash a narrow stream of bullets with his pistols and easily shred through waves of robots. This is especially effective when the targets move through choke points. Bullet Train additionally penetrates through targets, allowing Colt to wipe out full waves in a single attack.
Brawl Stars RicochetRicochet Similar to Colt, Ricochet has very good DPS in addition to being able to hit multiple enemies if they line up for his Super Attack. While taking a bit of practice, it’s quite advantageous to be able to hit opponents indirectly. This means that Ricochet can stay behind cover for better survivability while still being able to deal damage.
Brawl Stars PamPam Pam’s ability to both damage enemies and support allies make her an exceptional choice in Robo Rumble. Pam can use Scrapstorm to pepper clumps of enemies. This allow her to charge Mama’s Kiss for continuous healing. A good Pam can keep her team up and running through countless waves of enemies.
Brawl Stars FrankFrank Frank’s high HP allow him to act as a vanguard to keep the swarms busy while his squishier allies attack from behind. Stunning Blow is also good for stunning the Boss Robo or to buy some time for his allies to reposition themselves should they be dangerously close to mobs.
Brawl Stars BarleyBarley Barley’s AoE attacks can easily burn down waves of robots. The predictable paths that robos take make aiming a breeze. These are especially effective against shooter robos who stand in place to fire at targets.

A Tier

These Brawlers struggle a bit as the match progresses to the higher waves. They still offer good damage output to manage adds but not on any level like Brawlers from Tier S.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars SpikeSpike Spike’s strong AoE damage allows him to manage the enemy waves very well. Players do need to be wary of mini robos and boxer robos that can easily rush towards Spike and take him out in a flash, though, so that the cactus ball can stay standing and unleashing hell on his enemies.
Brawl Stars DynamikeDynamike Dynamike can safely manage waves of enemies from behind walls. This is a definite advantage when holding out for as long as possible. His playstyle requires a bit of practice, however, as his bombs have a delay before they explode.
Penny Penny’s Plunderbuss is very useful against swarms of enemies with its splash damage effect. She can kick her firepower up a notch by deploying Old Lobber to hit stationary targets like the shooter robos or slow moving Boss Bots.
Jessie Jessie’s Shock Rifle damages an enemy before seeking out another target. This makes her ideal for handling the advancing robot waves in Robo Rumble as they tend to attack in the same direction. She can also increase her firepower to keep up with more enemies when she deploys Scrappy.
Brawl Stars El PrimoEl Primo Despite being a melee Brawler, El Primo performs well in Robo Rumble. He is able to trade hits with enemies up close with high endurance to boot. Flying Elbow Drop is very good at closing the gap between him and shooter robos or as an escape tactic to avoid getting swarmed.
Brawl Stars DarrylDarryl Darryl does very good damage up close thanks to his dual shotguns while Barrel Roll offers some nice mobility. He can use Barrel Roll to get out of difficult situations or quickly get into the face of enemies like the shooter robo. He is also slightly tankier than most mobile Brawlers, allowing him to hold out a little longer.

B Tier

B Tier Brawlers in Robo Rumble have average performance, able to do well if coordinated well with their allies. Some of them have options for stalling enemies to have some viability in the Event.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars ShellyShelly Shelly performs a decently in Robo Rumble, being able to clip multiple enemies with her shotgun’s spread. Super Shell also creates a bit of space for her and her allies due to its knockback effect. She won’t hold out as long as Bull though, so be sure constantly run and gun to stay alive.
Brawl Stars MortisMortis It used to be the case that Mortis could kite the entire bot wave by himself, making him the undisputed god king of Robo Rumble. Supercell caught wind of this, however, and patched the robos to contest this. He can still be an effective kite when fighting, drawing attention away from the safe, however he will need the assistance of his allies’ damage for victory now.
Brawl Stars BullBull Bull’s performance in Robo Rumble is respectable when it comes to damage. Unfortunately, he will struggle as the waves progress until his tankiness will no longer carry his team longer in the match. He can use Bull Rush to avoid being swarmed too much, but it has little offensive utility.
Brawl Stars TaraTara Despite lacking in damage, Tara’s ability to fight against groups of enemies makes her a decent ally in Robo Rumble. Tara is able to fill up her super meter by hitting groups of enemies before controlling them with Gravity. Once in place, her teammates can unleash their fury on the clumped robots to take them out easily.
Brawl Stars NitaNita Nita’s ability to summon her bear makes for a temporary decoy for the team to avoid getting swarmed by the enemy robots. The bear will have trouble keeping up with enhanced robots as the match progresses so Nita will struggle a bit in the Event.

Tier C

Tier C Brawlers provide very little value to the team. They have no reliable methods to take out mobs quickly and are mostly reduced to running away from their enemies.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars BoBo Bo is anything but spectacular in Robo Rumble because of his poor DPS. Catch a Fox is also subpar in trying to take out mobs even at the earlier waves.
Brawl Stars PocoPoco Poco’s main strength is playing as the team’s healer. He doesn’t really have any significant impact offensively, and players are generally better off trying to get rid of the mobs quickly for safety. At the higher wave levels, Poco will really struggle just trying to keep Encore at the ready.
Brawl Stars PiperPiper Piper is another bad choice for Robo Rumble, as her slow, single-target playstyle is next to useless against mobs of robots. Skip her when deciding to play this Event.
Brawl Stars CrowCrow Crow’s damage is too slow coming for this match. His low health further buries him in this tier, as other Brawlers will be able to last longer in this Event.
Brawl Stars BrockBrock Brock’s long reload time and low damage, despite being able to cover a wide area will do very little in taking care of the waves. This makes him struggle even in the early waves of Robo Rumble.
Brawl Stars LeonLeon There is probably nothing to be desired in Leon when it comes to surviving the longest possible time in Robo Rumble. What’s more, robots can still detect Leon after he turns invisible.

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  1. Please stop playing with brawlers like Shelly, El Primo, Carl, Bibi, etc…

    Its soooo annoying you can’t choose your team. The only brawlers for Robo Rumble are Pam, 8-Bit and Jessie.

    Stop using anyone else! Or even better: Don’t use Jessie, either. 2 Pam for twice as quick healing + 8-Bit.

    The rest is just playing around…