Brawl Stars - Brawler Tier List – Heist

Brawler Tier List for Brawl Star's Heist game mode. The Event pits two teams of three against each other with the mission of being the first to destroy the other's safe.

Brawler Tier List – Heist

In Heist, players compete to destroy a safe on the enemies’ side of the map while protecting their own. This game mode requires a lot of team work and map control to be able to succeed. In this tier list, we look at brawlers who are viable and those who are not worthy.
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Tier List

S Tier

These brawlers are considered to be stars at destroying or defending the safe. They have the necessary tools to dominate in Heist regardless of team composition.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars DarrylDarryl Darryl is practically made for this game mode due to Barrel Roll. It allows him to zoom past the opposition to attack the safe directly. This allows Daryll to be a huge threat, forcing the enemy team to play defensively even in times when they are ahead.
Brawl Stars CrowCrow Crow can be a great pick in Heist. What makes him strong as well is his Swoop catapults him from one area to another. This allows him to fly past enemy defenses to assault the safe. His poison attack can be stressful to deal with, the poison damage affecting both players and the gem safe.
Brawl Stars BarleyBarley Barley’s long range attacks can be a pain to deal with. Much like Crow, Barley has a damage over-time mechanic on his attacks, which can affect the gem safe as well. Rather than having to rush up to the safe, though, Barley can lob bottles over obstacles to attack from a distance
Brawl Stars El PrimoEl Primo El Primo is beefy and packs high amounts of damage. While his short range might make fighting enemy Brawlers a struggle at times, he has no problem with the safe. What’s more, Flying Elbow Drop allows him to leap past enemies and obstacles to assault the safe and open a path for his allies to attack.
Brawl Stars LeonLeon Leon is one of the newest addition in Brawl Stars. He is surprisingly good in Heist in the right hands. He can just use his super attack to go in stealth mode and safely go in the enemy’s gem safe to deal damage. Repeat this process and watch as how your enemies will be in full defensive mode.

A Tier

A tier heroes are great picks, but have some flaws that keep them from the same level as S tier. They are very strong and can be played with nearly any team composition.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars BullBull Bull is a very strong brawler in this game mode. Bull Rush allows him to quickly get close to the gem safe and destroy the obstacles surrounding it. His tankiness also allows him to take in a bit of damage while he applies pressure to enemies or the safe itself.
Brawl Stars BrockBrock Brock’s damage output is huge to say the least. He can deal damage from afar with both Rockin’ Rocket and Rocket Rain. Rocket Rain can additionally destroy obstacles and open up the gem safe even more to allies.
Brawl Stars ColtColt Colt has a tremendous range, making him a formidable brawler in heist. What sets him apart is that his super attack increases his range even more and is able to destroy obstacles. A good Colt player would be able to capitalize on this advantage and deal damage from afar to the gem safe without having to worry too much about the enemies.
Brawl Stars DynamikeDynamike Dynamike is like Barley in that he lobs objects to deal damage. Big Barrel O’ Boom has the ability to tear down walls along with its damage, opening an opportunity for your teammates to have a clear shot at the enemy safe.
Brawl Stars SpikeSpike Spike’s damage output is high enough to pressure the enemy brawlers into going defensive. While this can be great in bursting down the safe, he isn’t able to approach it directly or clear a path as higher ranked Brawlers can..
Brawl Stars NitaNita Nita’s bear can be a huge factor in bulldozing the enemy’s defenses in Heist. The bear can deal a ton of damage and force the enemy team to waste bullets on the bear and retreat. Nita’s damage output also suffices when hitting the gem safe.

B Tier

B tier Brawlers are those who rely more on team composition to be effective. They can’t necessarily carry games on their own and might require a few good teammates to fully realize their potential.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars RicochetRicochet Ricochet can work in some maps with a lot of walls. Otherwise, he is not that viable to play with in Heist. That said, is high damage and long range can make him a big threat to enemy Brawlers as well as to the safe should the opportunity arise.
Brawl Stars ShellyShelly Despite not having much mobility, Shelly’s damage output can obliterate any enemies who try to go against her. In addition, her Super Shell allows her to clear away any obstacles preventing a direct assault on the safe. That said, she can still have a hard time reaching the safe and can easily be taken down by Brawlers with a higher range.
Brawl Stars PocoPoco Poco can be a great complement to an aggressive team composition. While not able to do much to the safe directly, the heal in Encore can do wonders for the team as they push toward the objective.
Brawl Stars TaraTara Tara might not have the ability to easily reach or deal damage to the safe, but Gravity can displace enemies and provide your teammates with an opportunity to wipe them all out.
Brawl Stars JessieJessie Jessie can be annoying to go against considering Shock Rifle bounces to the nearest unit after hitting an enemy. She is good when you want a brawler that can provide continuous damage to enemies and a final line of defense in her turret. That said, her ability to attack the gem safe is rather lacking.
Brawl Stars FrankFrank Frank is a great tank that can surprise enemies on maps where there is a lot of grass. He has the ability to stun enemy brawlers and deal damage to groups when they are bunched together. He is rather immobile, though, and so can have some difficulty making it all the way to the enemy safe.
Brawl Stars PamPam Pam doesn’t offer much in the table unless on the offensive side since she is more of a tank/healer. With this, she doesn’t fit in that much in a team unless you really want to have a solid defender for your gem safe, which is not a good strategy to begin with.
Brawl Stars PennyPenny Penny has some strong offense but can have some difficulty approaching the safe. Old Lobber can provide pressure to the enemy team and additionally bring some additional damage to the safe. That said, it is slow to shoot and unreliable in this game mode.

C Tier

Avoid these brawlers unless you are really confident or have a specific strategy in mind. These brawlers provide little pressure will struggle to contribute to the game’s objective.

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars BoBo Bo will have a hard time damaging the safe, needing a clear shot for any sort of effectiveness. Your best bet when playing the archer is to go full defense and litter your team’s side of the map with mines.
Brawl Stars PiperPiper Piper is a hard brawler to use in this game mode. You need distance in order to deal damage effectively, which is hard to achieve either when attacking the safe or rushing enemies. She is also very squishy and has no chance whatsoever if she wants to get close the gem safe.
Brawl Stars MortisMortis Playing Mortis in Heist could be the hardest thing one can experience in Brawl Stars. The short range of Shovel Swing does not fit well in Heist and can often put Mortis in danger. You need to get really close to be effective. Mortis excels in mobility and killing other players, and aren’t the main objectives here.

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