Catherine: Full Body - Trophy List

A list of obtainable trophies in Catherine: Full Body, including the conditions to unlock them and their corresponding trophy rank.

Trophy List

Achievement Trophy How to Obtain
Cheers To You! Platinum Obtained all other Trophies
The Nightmares Have Just Begun Bronze Clear Stage 1
The Great Escape Bronze Cleared Stage 2
Let My Sheep Go Bronze Cleared Stage 3
No One Expects the… Bronze Cleared Stage 4
Crossing the Courtyard Bronze Cleared Stage 5
What Time Is It? Bronze Cleared Stage 6
Path to the Altar Bronze Cleared Stage 7
Making Legends Bronze Cleared Stage 8
True Freedom! Silver Cleared Stage 9
Love Angel Silver Passed the trial to win love
Starting a New Life Bronze Achieved the Lovers True ending
Just Like Old Times Bronze Achieved the Lovers Normal ending
Nighty Night Bronze Achieved the Lovers Bad ending
Lord of the Night Bronze Achieved the Cheater True ending
Sleepless Nights Bronze Achieved the Cheater Normal ending
Hit the Road, Vincent Bronze Achieved the Cheater Bad ending
The World is for Two Bronze Achieved Rin’s True ending
My Way Bronze Achieved Rin’s Bad ending
 A Life Without Regrets… Bronze Achieved the Freedom True ending
Whatever, Buddy Bronze Achieved the Freedom Normal ending
Dreams Come True Gold Saw all endings
Read All About It! Bronze Solved Justin’s problem
A New Look Bronze Solved Todd’s problem
Mother Inferior Bronze Solved Archie’s problem
Love is Patient, Love is Kind Bronze Solved Daniel’s problem
One Last Case Bronze Solved Morgan’s problem
Resurrection of Rock Stars Bronze Solved Roderick’s problem
Oil King’s Journey Bronze Solved Abul’s problem
Everyday Hero Silver Solved everyone’s problems
The Sheep Saw Bronze Talked from outside the Confession Room
First Time Shopping Bronze Purchased items for the first time
Play It Again, Vince… Bronze Changed the music on the jukebox
Irresponsible Use Bronze Used an item for the first time
(Golden Theater)
Brilliant Step Bronze Performed a step combo more than 100 times (Golden Theater)
Pianist of Relief Bronze Helped Rin on the piano
(Play at Golden Theater)
Have an Ice Day Bronze Slid an Ice Block 5 or more blocks (Golden Playhouse)
Take Your Time Silver Moved a Dark Block 10 times in a row (Golden Playhouse)
Hard Will Bronze Attempted to move an immovable block twice in a row (Golden Theater)
I Will Not Regret It Bronze Used Undo for the first time (Golden Theater)
Backwater Camp Bronze Cleared a Stage without a checkpoint (Golden Theater)
Not a Case of Death Bronze Retried a Stage after getting a Game Over (Golden Theater)
Sake Sensei Bronze Listened to all the sake sound bites
Beer Baron Bronze Listened to all the beer factoids
Cocktail Connoisseur Bronze Listened to all the cocktail trivia
Whisky Wiseman Bronze Listened to all the whisky minutiae
Wash Your Face and Start Bronze Washed your face in the toilet
You Don’t Have to Go Home Bronze Stayed at the Stray Sheep until all of the customers leave
Altar Conquered! Bronze Cleared Stage 1 of Babel
Menhir Conquered! Bronze Cleared Stage 2 of Babel
Obelisk Conquered! Bronze Cleared Stage 3 of Babel
A God is Born! Gold Cleared Final Stage of Babel
Babel’s Calling Bronze Unlocked the Altar by earning 1 Gold Prize on Normal or Hard
Taking on the Gods Silver Unlocked Axis Mundi by earning all Gold Prizes on Normal or Hard
Golden Township Gold Obtained all gold prizes
Past a Heap of Puzzles Bronze Clear Stage 64 of Rapunzel
Legendary Prince Silver Heard Rapunzel’s sad song
A Mystery Within a Puzzle Bronze Discovered the truth about Rapunzel
Time is Finite, But Wastefulness is Sometimes Meaningful Silver Heard the adage of the game concierge

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