Catherine: Full Body - Catherine Fourth Ending Guide

WARNING: This content contains game spoilers

Details on the fourth Catherine ending in Catherine: Full Body. Included is a guide on how to trigger the new true ending.

Catherine Full Body - Catherine

Catherine Endings Update

Apart from the addition of Rin’s (Qatherine) route and endings, Catherine: Full Body also introduces a “New True” ending for Catherine. The fourth ending option is activated when Vincent Brooks decides whether or not to send a video via email during the 5th Night. If Vince sends the video, Catherine will also send replies on the 5th and 6th nights. Make sure to reply to these emails. When you reach the 9th night, answer the same way as in the true ending to fully activate the fourth ending.

You will receive a new trophy, “Time Bride,” when you unlock this ending.

“New True” Ending Procedure

※ Responses are loosely-translated from the Japanese Version. We will make better translations once we have the official English version of the game.

Step Stage Conditions
1 Quadrangle (5th Night) Do not reply to Catherine’s 1st email: “Hungry?”
2 Quadrangle (5th Night) Reply to the Catherine 2nd email by sending a video message.
3 Clock Tower (6th Night) Reply immediately to Catherine’s email: “I thought it was familiar.”
4 Clock Tower (6th Night) Reply immediately to Catherine’s email: “I saw”.
5 The Empireo (9th Night) Answer the same way as in the former true ending.

New True Ending Karma Meter

Same with the previous true ending, make sure that your Karma Meter is heavily on the chaos end.

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  1. I dont see how you send the video message on the 5th night. I ignored the first text but then never gave me the option 🙁 or i just dont see it in the translation error. How do i send the video?

  2. Played through, and didn’t receive the email “I thought it was familiar” on the 6th night, just the “I saw.” Do you know why this might’ve happened? I received the original Catherine “true” ending and not the alternate “true” ending.