Catherine: Full Body - Katherine Fourth Ending Guide

WARNING: This content contains game spoilers

Details about the fourth Katherine ending in Catherine: Full Body. Included is a guide on how to trigger the new true ending.

Catherine Full Body - Katherine McBride

Katherine Fourth Ending Guide

Similar to Catherine, Katherine McBride also receives a new “True” ending in Catherine: Full Body. These “New True” endings come along with new Rin’ (Qatherine) route in the game. While aiming for Katherine’s endings, you will encounter an point where you can send a video message to Katherine on the 5th Night. If the player chooses to do so, Katherine will send a follow-up message on the 5th night and a new message on the 6th night. Make sure to reply to these messages.

You will receive a new trophy, “A Woman’s Roar“, when you achieve this ending.

“New True” Ending Procedure

Step Stage Conditions
1 Quadrangle (5th Night) Option 1: Reply to Katherine’s first email: “Did you see the news?” Tell her that you know the pianist and then send a video message.
Option 2: Do not reply to Katherine’s first email: “Did you see the news?”
2 Quadrangle (5th Night) Reply to Katherine’s second email by sending a video message.
3 Quadrangle (5th Night) Reply immediately to Katherine’s email: “So you’ll send me the video?”
4 Clock Tower (6th Night) Reply immediately to Katherine’s email: “I heard her play.”

  • You will not receive this message if your karma meter is heavily in the red.
5 The Empireo (9th Night)

“New True” Ending Karma Meter

To achieve this ending, your karma meter should stay in the middle.

Meter Middle
Stage 9-1 Answer
Stage 9-2 Answer Yes.
Stage 9-3 Answer  No.
Stage 9-4 Answer No.

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  1. If I already emailed her during the period where it says not to respond, do I have to start completely over? I’ve already saved and that’d be kinda rough to go through again!

    • Hi K, we apologize for not including the option to respond but you apparently you can tell her that you know the pianist and would send the video. Thanks for the heads up, we have updated it now.