[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] AKM Assault Rifle Guide

This page contains a strategy guide on how to use the AKM assault rifle, including stats, advantages and disadvantages, recommended attachments and mods, current tier, and tips and tricks on how to use the weapon effectively.

AKM Assault Rifle Guide

Magazine Power Effective Range
30 48 B
Stability Obtainability Rating
 D  B A
Ammunition Used


The AKM offers very good damage for an assault rifle that is relatively easy to find around the map. It has a reliable effective range, allowing you to engage enemies with controlled taps from a good distance. One significant drawback is that it has rather large recoil and firing rate, making it somewhat harder to use at close range.

Another disadvantage of using it is that it uses 7.62mm ammo (as opposed to the 5.56mm used on the SCAR-L and M16A4), which are a bit harder to come by. In general, the SCAR-L and M16A4 are much more effective for most situations in the game, though the AKM is still formidable, especially at mid- to long-range encounters. You can try to practice your aiming to get the most out of the AKM, especially if you attach a compensator muzzle for AR, S12K. The AKM also has a decent number of options for attachments, though not as wide as for the M416.

For a full list of all available attachments and mods in the game, click here.

Given that it is very effective at long-range, it might be worth learning about zeroing distance and bullet drop, as well some useful tips for aiming. You can read about them here.

The AKM’s main advantage over most assault rifles in the game is its damage per shot, only being rivaled by the Groza. The latter is only obtained in air drop crates, however, making the AKM much more accessible for most players in the game.

Overall, the AKM is one of the game’s best assault rifles, along with the M16A4 and M416. It suits most situations in combat, though requires a certain degree of practice when landing shots. It is almost always advised to use an attachment to reduce recoil for easier aiming, making it a very good weapon during the early, middle and late stages of a match.

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