[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] Groza Assault Rifle Guide

This page contains a strategy guide on how to use the Groza assault rifle, including stats, advantages and disadvantages, recommended attachments and mods, current tier, and tips and tricks on how to use the weapon effectively.

Groza Assault Rifle Guide

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Magazine Power Effective Range
30 48 B
Stability Obtainability Rating


The Groza deals very good damage as an assault rifle, rivaling the AKM but having significantly lower recoil. This gives it better accuracy even at auto-fire mode for close- to mid-range combat. The Groza also has a respectably high rate of fire which gives another edge over the AKM. Some players have even described it as an assault rifle version of the KISS Vector (with better range but lower fire rate) that uses 7.62mm ammo.

The Groza’s biggest drawback is the fact that it can only be obtained from air drop crates. While not of your own choosing, you may find yourself using the more accessible AKM over the Groza. Both assault rifles even use the same 7.62mm ammo, which are themselves not as common as the 5.56mm used by the M16A4, M416 and SCAR-L.

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Another disadvantage is that the Groza has very limited options for attachments and mods, though you will be able to equip scopes and sights such as the 4x ACOG and Red Dot. It  is also already fitted with a suppressor for AR, S12K to reduce firing noise. For even better firepower, equipping it with an extended mag to raise the ammo capacity to 40 per magazine is also recommended.

Owing to its high rate of fire, the Groza is the near opposite of the AKM as it performs very well in firefights (having somewhere around 25% faster damage per second), especially in enclosed spaces like buildings and tight corners. It is also easier to aim than the AKM.

Overall, the Groza is an obvious choice over the AKM if you manage to obtain both. However, the fact that it is one of the most sought-after assault rifles means that you will almost always need to fight for it during air drops.

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