[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] M16A4 Assault Rifle Guide

This page contains a strategy guide on how to use the M16A4 assault rifle, including stats, advantages and disadvantages, recommended attachments and mods, current tier, and tips and tricks on how to use the weapon effectively.

M16A4 Assault Rifle Guide

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Magazine Power Effective Range
30 41 B
Stability Obtainability Rating
 D  B A


The M16A4 provides impressive range for an assault rifle and decent damage. The main advantage of the weapon, however, is that it is easily the most obtainable assault rifle in the game and uses 5.56mm (which are quite easy to find as well).

As a decent alternative to the AKM, the M16A4 suffers from very noticeable recoil and is not as accurate especially for firing from a long distance. To make up for this, you can try equipping it with a compensator muzzle mod for AR, S12K, or use it on single-fire mode for controlled headshots. You can also try equipping a variety of other attachments and mods on the M16A4, as it has quite a spread in terms options compared with other assault rifles in the game.

You can check out our Attachments and Mods List here.

While generally not as good as the AKM and SCAR-L for most combat situations, the M16A4 will more likely be among the first assault rifles that you obtain and use to survive during the early to middle stages of the match. The relatively difficult aiming on this weapon is also good for practicing controlled shots, being mindful of the zeroing distance and bullet drop mechanics when shooting targets greater than 100m (or exactly one square on the map).  Click here to read a guide on Zeroing Distance and Aiming Tips.

All in all, the M16A4 is a good baseline assault rifle for improving your aiming when you are new to the game. It is decent for close-, mid- and even long-range combat. It somehow gives the feel of using a sniper rifle and can do the job as you get comfortable in doing headshots. You’ll want to switch it out eventually if you obtain an AKM or SCAR-L. With the right attachments and mods, it will become more than reliable even during the late stages of the match.

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