[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] P1911 Pistol Guide

This article contains a guide on the Pistol P1911. It includes the Weapon Stats, and recommended Strategy.

P1911 Pistol Guide

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Magazine Power Effective Range
7 35 E
Stability Obtainability Rating
Ammunition Used: .45 ACP


This pistol has high power. However, it is still not as powerful as the AR and the SMG, so it is recommended for you to use this as a secondary weapon.

This weapon is also not recommended to be used for beginners because of its low magazine ammo count. The P92 is a much better pistol because its ammo capacity is high and its power is also above average when compared to other pistols. In addition, the P1911 also has a lower firerate than the P92, making it a slower pistol than the latter.

The P1911 however is a much more powerful weapon in terms of power.

Also, you should have good aim when using this weapon because of its low ammo capacity, so don’t waste its bullets or you might have to constantly reload this weapon.

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