[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] S12K SG Guide

This page contains a strategy for the S12K shotgun in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) that gives tips and tricks on how to effectively use the weapon.

S12K SG Guide

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Magazine Combat Power Effective Range
5 22 x 9 F
Stability Obtainability Rating


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The S12K shotgun is the most reliable shotgun among the three currently available in the game. It does not only have the same number of shells than the S1897, but has also greater rate of fire than that of the S686 shotgun. This does not only make the S12K superior in terms of longer combat, but is also supported with the high rate of fire it possesses allowing it to go toe to toe even against assault rifles!

You can even start firing from a distance because the weapon is capable of firing five shots consecutively without pumping per shot fired. Your weapon does still have its drawbacks being that you need to fire your weapon in close range to maximize its effectiveness. But in terms of reloading against an enemy possessing an assault rifle, you would have a slight advantage against them as you can fire your shotgun even if you only loaded one shell.

Use this to your advantage to shoot your enemy while they are busy reloading as they will most likely panic. Be sure to aim properly and not get too overly excited as a failed shot would result to your own demise being that your opponent might have already finished reloading their whole thirty bullets in the magazine. Aim, shoot and kill your opponent before they even have the chance to reload! That is where most shotgun shines, so remember to aim properly.

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