[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] Useful Control Keys List

This article contains the Useful Control Keys List in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). It includes a library of Useful Keys, Keybindings, Toggle buttons, and essential Key Combinations.

This article contains the Useful Control Keys List in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It includes a library of Useful Keys, Keybindings, Toggle buttons, and essential Key Combinations.

Useful Control Keys List

There are various Controls and Key combinations that Players need to familiarize with in order to make the experience not only enjoyable but comfortable. Toggle these keys to trigger the necessary configurations.

The following Adjustments are categorized according to classification: Voice, Perspective, Map, Parachute, Stance, Weapon, General Inventory, Consumables, and Vehicle.

Voice Adjustments

  • T is beneficial for Duo or Squad Plays to activate the Push to Talk feature.
  • CTRL+T allows you toggle voices in the Lobby area or Duo / Squad Plays.
    • This can help silence unnecessary verbal abuses that usually occur in the Lobby, and turn the volume off when in a Duo/ Squad.

Perspective Adjustments

  • V switches the view to First-Person.
    • Although peeking is best performed in Third-Person, this alternate view is better when lining down shots by the windows.
  • Holding Left ALT provides a way to extend your view without altering your Character’s body orientation.
    • Essential for scouting your back, or for getting a better view on the terrains.
  • Q and E allows you to toggle between leaning slightly to the left or right.
    • This is essential for handling encounters when you are stuck behind a column such as a tree.
  • Hold Right Click + Q/E is a keypress combination that toggles the Camera on your shoulder. By default, the view is over the right shoulder.
    • For instance, to peek at the left corner, Hold Right Click then press Q.

Map Adjustments

  • Right Clicking on the Map provides you with a way to assign a yellow marker. This will be shown on the compass at the upper corner of the screen.
    • This feature helps when exiting the starting plane.

Parachute Adjustments

  • Tap W after deploying the Parachute to swing your Character to and fro.
    • This is helpful for reaching longer distances. Practice this method to get a grip on how to maximize the distance covered.

Stance Adjustments

  • Z switches your Position to Prone.
    • It is necessary for lining up shots as a sniper when utilizing the worm’s eye view from the fields, or securing a spot at the balcony or rooftops.

Weapon Adjustments

  • B toggles between the different fire modes for weapons.
  • Press Right Click to shift to ADS (aim-down-sight).
    • While ADS is activated, Hold Shift to suppress your breath. This raises Accuracy, enhances Vision, and steadies aiming. This drains your Lung/Stamina, indicated by the bar to the right of the HP. Be sure to line up your shots before it is fully depleted.
  • Hold Right Click to draw your weapon upwards.
    • It allows you to perform hipfiring but is considered inferior to ADS.
  • 5 allows you to draw a Throwable. Tapping it again will shuffle through various Throwables that you have in possession.
  • Hold Left Click While Sniping to remain Scoped.
    • This helps you find out where the round propels to. Tap left (bolt action) to shuffle through immediately.
  • Page Up/ Page Down allows you to cycle through Zeroing.
    • It has its niche for long-distances.
  • X is helpful for putting away your weapon.
    • Despite losing the draw advantage upon accidental encounters, it can be manipulated using a trick. If you have a long-reload weapon that needs to be reloaded and you come across a door, you can tap X to remove the animation. Proceed through the door, then resume your reload.
    • This trick requires some timing. If you execute the reload animation before the first round is loaded back to the gun, it results in a bug that continuously plays the reload sound without actually reloading the gun.

General Inventory Adjustments

  • Pressing Tab displays the Inventory User Interface. Situated on the far left section is a collection of available loot that can be sent to the inventory. You can right-click on them to toggle auto-pick up.
    • This is best used when scanning inside compact rooms such as bathrooms.

Consumables Adjustments

  • 7,8,9,0 is a set of default keybindings for the Consumables. You can freely adjust them from the options menu to your liking.
    • The inventory assigns the Medical Supplies in order of the one with the most potency to the one with the least.

Vehicle Adjustments

  • CTRL +1~6 allows you to switch seats while inside the Car. The driver’s seat can be occupied using CTRL +1.
    • Bear in mind that this has a cooldown for every succeeding switches.
  • Spacebar while driving causes you to activate the Emergency Brake.
    • Time this properly to perform drifting with the Dacia.
  • Hold Shift when inside the Car to accelerate.
    • Pay attention to your Fuel however, flooring also hastens your Fuel consumption.

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