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News and Updates

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Main Story Missions

Prologue – Porter

Order No. 1 Smart Drug Delivery

Episode 1 – Bridget

Order No. 2 Morphine Delivery Order No. 3 Cremation

Episode 2 – Amelie

Order No.4 Smart Drug Delivery Order No. 5 Rare Metal Delivery Order No. 6 Create a Postbox
Order No. 7 Recovery Order No. 8 Collection Order No. 9 Power Supply Unit Delivery
Order No. 10 Create a Bridge Order No. 11 Resin Delivery Order No. 12 Recovery
Order No. 13 Cryptobiote Delivery Order No.14 Aid Package Delivery Order No.16 Elimination
Order No. 17 Order No. 18 Aid Package Delivery

Episode 3 – Fragile

Order No. 19 Evo-devo Unit Delivery Order No. 20 Prescription Medicine Delivery Order No. 21 Gun Parts and Anti-BT Weapon Delivery
Order No. 22 Recovery: Toolbox Order No. 23 Retrieval: System Server Order No. 24 Prototype Bot Delivery
Order No. 25 Road Reconstruction Order No. 27 Chiralium Gauge Delivery

Story Mission Walkthroughs

Delivery Order List

Beginner Guides

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Getting Started

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Game Controls Game Difficulties
Starting a New Game What to do first
Permanent Events

Gameplay Mechanics

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Exploration Combat
Status Gauges Voidout
Timefall Terrain

Useful Guides

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Cargo Management Tips for Combat
How to Unlock All Endings What to Do After Clearing
Prepper Locations Lost Cargo List
Trophy List Chiral Printer
Crafting List Chiral Network Locations
Safe House Fighting Mules
Cargo Safety Connection Level and Chiral Communication Traffic
How to Farm Chiral Crystals Materials and Recycling
Porter Grade How to Fast Travel


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Bridges Company

▼Bridges Company
Death Stranding SamSam Death Stranding AmelieAmelie
Death Stranding Die-HardmanDie-Hardman Death Stranding DeadmanDeadman
Death Stranding HeartmanHeartman Death Stranding MamaMama

Fragile Express

▼Fragile Express
Death Stranding FragileFragile

Homo Demens

▼Homo Demens
Death Stranding HiggsHiggs

Other Characters

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Death Stranding CliffCliff Death Stranding - BridgetBridget
Ludens Fan musician death strandingMusician

Game Database

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Other Features

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Mini Games Online Features
Easter Eggs

Game Overview

Death Stranding Game Overview

Death Stranding is the latest open-world action game from Hideo Kojima, creator of the famous Metal Gear franchise. Talking about the game, Kojima has likened Death Stranding to the first title in the Metal Gear series, which was considered an action game rather than a stealth genre.

Game Features

Death Stranding Game Overview

Death Stranding offers both single and multiplayer game modes. Gameplay centers around exploring a mysterious island with the theme of “life and death”. Players will traverse the island’s vast landscape by crossing rivers, climbing mountains, and passing through the wilderness.

Death Stranding Game Overview

Interesting mechanics have also been revealed in the game. According to Kojima, when the player dies, they are transported to an upside-down world submerged in water. Players will be able to explore the world outside their character’s body to recover items upon death.

Death Stranding Game Overview

Death Stranding features a dynamic game world with changing environmental conditions. Among these is the “timefall” event, which brings forth rain that decays everything it drenches. Damage done to the environment, including explosions, will remain throughout the game, impacting the player’s experience in unexpected ways.


Death Stranding Story

Death Stranding follows the story of Sam “Porter” Bridges, a delivery man for the Bridges company. Set in the future, a strange phenomena called “death stranding” causes the appearance of dark spectral creatures that threaten mankind.

Death Stranding Story

After surviving an event known as a “voidout,” Sam accepts a job working for a woman named Fragile. He learns more of humanity’s impending annihilation and must journey across the wastelands of his world to stop it.

Game Trailer

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Product Information

Game Death Stranding
Genre Action
Platform Playstation 4
Developer Kojima Productions
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date November 8th, 2019
Official Website