Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting Mules

Tips for fighting mules, a common enemy encountered in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding - Tips for fighting Mules

Fighting Mules

Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting Mules

Mules are human enemies afflicted with a mysterious illness that drives them to steal cargo from unwary porters. They will then take their finds back to their camps located in various locations around the game world. Stolen goods are then stored in mule postboxes.

Use the odradek scanner

Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting Mules

Scan the area using the odradek scanner to detect any nearby mules. You will also be able to detect the cargo a mule is currently carrying which might be useful in your mission.

After clearing order no. 28, your odradek scanner will be upgraded with a new feature that cancels mule scanner pings. This prevents you from being detected from afar by mules. You can, however, avoid being detected even without the ability by timing a jump as soon as the scanner wave comes by.

Reduce your weight before engaging

Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting Mules

Having heavy cargo will hinder your mobility. You can also drop your cargo if you get hit, damaging your package in the process. Try to store some of your cargo in a locker before engaging mules.

Bring dummy cargo

Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting Mules

Mules are driven by their illness to take any kind of package, regardless of its contents or if it has anything inside at all. To exploit this, you can load dummy cargo on your back with nothing inside.

Stealth is important

Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting Mules

Taking out mules without being seen is the best way to deal with them. Approach them from behind and bind them with the strand to knock them out with the least amount of effort.

Mules can be knocked out in a single blow

Death Stranding - Tips for Fighting Mules

It is possible to render a mule unconscious with a single strike. You can press the □ button to land a hit, though you will be at risk of a counterattack. Taking damage yourself can cause your cargo to drop and get damaged.

Tackle mules when they are guarding

Mules will sometimes adopt a guarding stance when you are fighting with them. You can, however, break their defenses by tackling them. Note that tackling will expend stamina. You also will not be able to perform the move if your hands are holding onto some cargo.

Put on the Speed Skeleton

Equipping the speed skeleton allows you to outrun mules, effectively avoiding having to deal with them. You can activate a speed boost to lose any pursuers you encounter during deliveries. Be careful, however, as doing so will drain the batteries fast.

Use the Bola Gun

The bola gun is a very effective weapon against mules and even groups of them. Equip the gun and keep your distance away from enemies before tying them up and stomping on them.

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