Death Stranding - Order No. 12 Confidential Documents Recovery Mission Walkthrough

A complete mission walkthrough for Order No. 12 Confidential Documents Recovery in Death Stranding, including mission objectives, enemies encountered, and rewards

Death Stranding - Head West! Order No. 4

Episode 2 – Amelie Order No. 12


Order No. 12
Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City
Objectives Enemies Rewards
Recover Confidential Documents from nearby MULES and return them to Waystation West of Capital Knot City
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Unlock Conditions

Story Mission Walkthroughs


Retrieve the documents.

1 Depart the Distribution Center and return to the BT area.
2 Head up north to encounter a group of MULES.
3 Employ stealth and subdue them one by one. Another way is to use your bare fists or cargo to knock them out.
4 After dealing with the enemies, locate the Postbox and grab the documents and other supplies you can carry.
5 Follow the path northwest which leads to the Waystation.
6 Operate the PCC to begin the construction of the bridge to the north.
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