Death Stranding - How to Farm Chiral Crystals

A guide on farming chiral crystals in Death Stranding. Included are the actions that require the use of chiral crystals and the recommended method of obtaining them.

Death Stranding - How to Farm Chiral Crystals

Farming Chiral Crystals

What are Chiral crystals?

Chiral crystals are valuable materials used in creating useful structures and equipment. They are required in the different processes indicated below.

  • Building level 2 structures
  • Building the safe house
  • Upgrading the observation tower
  • Crafting the K3 repair spray
  • Creating hematic grenades
  • Creating blood bags
  • Using flora

How to obtain Chiral crystals

Defeat catcher BTs

Killing catchers yields large quantities of chiral crystals. You can obtain as mmany as 500 chiral crystals just by defeating the first catcher encountered early in the main story.

Main Story Mission Walkthroughs

Finding catchers

Catchers are most likely to appear when it is raining. After clearing order no. 27, you will be able to access the weather forecast feature at the Cuff Links terminal. This makes it easier to find areas where a downpour is expected.

Fighting catchers

Attacking catchers with hematic grenades is the best way to deal with catchers. If you run out of hematic grenades or blood bags when fighting catchers, you can wait for other players online to give you supplies. You can also help out other people when they are in a similar situation.

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