Death Stranding - Connection Level and Chiral Bandwidth

An overview of connection level and chiral bandwidth in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding - Connection Level Guide

Connection Level

Death Stranding - Connection Level and Chiral Communication Traffic

The connection level is an indicator of your relationship with various characters. It rises whenever you complete deliveries that characters have requested or have returned lost cargo that belongs to them.

Chiral Bandwidth

Upon increasing the connection level, the chiral bandwidth will rise. This is used up whenever you build facilities and structures within an area’s chiral network. Raising the connection level, therefore, allows you to create more installations. The amount of materials that can be stored in facilities will also increase.

New Features and “Token of Gratitude” Items

You can unlock new features at the Bridges headquarters by increasing the connection level. Certain characters will also send “thank you” items for reaching certain levels.

Connection Level Rewards

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