Death Stranding - Timefall and Timefall Shelter Guide

Guide on timefall and timefall shelter in Death Stranding. Included are an overview, how to unlock the cuff links option, how to use the cuff links, and information on timefall shelters.


Timefall is a weather condition that worsens the condition of your equipment. While you can’t prevent Timefall from happening, there is a way to stall it out. This involves determining the time that Timefall drops and checking in a shelter. Timefall shelters are unlocked once you reach PCC Level 1, however checking the weather takes some time to unlock.

How to unlock features

After completing Order 26, you’ll receive the next quest. You’ll be asked to carry a Chiralium reading device to the Weather Station. Head southwest from the Distribution Center. Finish the order to unlock the extra feature to check the weather.

Aside from that, you also gain access to PCC Level 2. While this level is decent for coping with Timefall, the best option is to aim for PCC Level 3 since it gives longer protection from the weather.

How to use the weather feature

Use the Cuff Links and press R3. There will be areas that glow blue which indicate spots where Timefall will appear. In addition, arrows will guide you on where Timefall lands next. You can use this as a guideline on when to set out without having to deal with Timefall. The time it takes is based on real time. To deal with Timefall, you can rest in a Timefall shelter to wait it out.

Timefall shelter

Timefall shelters are areas that are immune to timefall. Staying in timefall shelters protects your gear from breaking down.

How to build a Timefall shelter

You can construct a Timefall shelter as soon as you get PCC Level 1. To start, head to a Distribution Center or a Safe House and pick Fabricate Equipment. Go to a location that is affected by the Chiral Network. Hold down right and choose PCC. Cycle through the list to find Timefall shelters.

Structures and Facilities

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