Death Stranding - Safe House Guide

Guide on Sam's Safe House in Death Stranding, including an overview of its amenities, their features, and functions.

Death Stranding - Safe House Guide

Safe House

Death Stranding - Safe House Guide

The safe house is Sam Bridges’ personal hub that he can access between missions. Inside the safe house is a private room that shows the current state of his equipment, including his backpack and accessories. A terminal can also be accessed to access information and set up his next expedition. Furthermore, there are leisure activities that he can do such as listening to music or making room modifications.

Here is a list of amenities Sam can check while inside the safe house:

  • Bed
  • Wash Basin
  • Shower and Toilet
  • Shelf
  • Table
  • Figure Display
  • Terminal
  • Phase Jump

How to Build

Death Stranding - Safe House Guide

You can build a safe house after clearing order no. 27. It requires quite a hefty amount of materials so you might not be able to construct one after obtaining the design data. To build a safe house, you will need a PCC Lv.2, special alloys (2,400), and chiral crystals (300 cg).

Crafting List


With the bed, Sam replenishes his status gauges completely. In addition, 500 ml of blood is collected from him automatically whenever he sleeps. His blood is transferred to a blood pack and placed in a private box.

Wash Basin

If Sam’s face is dirty, the player can send him to the washbasin and clean his face. In addition, the player can take pictures of Sam while in front of the mirror. Taking a good picture of Sam can generate a positive rating.

Shower and Toilet

Sam Bridges can relieve himself when inside the encased shower and toilet. Whenever Sam urinates, a red liquid is collected from it. This red liquid indicates hematuria caused by fatigue. A blue liquid is seen generated from it. This blue liquid is used for various survival actions. His shower water and other excrements are converted into ammo materials for Anti-BT weapons.


The shelf holds Sam’s weapons, backpack, and other equipment. It is divided into five sections.

  • Grenade Shelf – holds grenades used against enemy factions such as terrorists and Mules.
  • Blood Grenade Shelf – holds grenades used against BT Gazers and Catchers.
  • Weapon Shelf – holds Sam’s guns and rifles. This includes his Anti-BT handgun, Bola Gun, and Assault Rifle
  • BB Terminal – a charging container for Sam’s BB. Sam can also interact with his BB and increase his intimacy with it.
  • Equipment Shelf – holds Sams’ expedition suit, backpack, and traveling boots.


The table is placed next to the bed and holds Sams’ cap, sunglasses, drinks, and a jar of Cryptobytes. The table will change as the player progresses through the story.

Figure Display

Behind the bed is a display section that shows mini-figures of enemies the player has encountered. Certain characters will make an appearance as a figure.


The terminal gives the player access to various types of information, including a map of the game world, mission progress, events witnessed, and online activity. Among its features are the following:

  • Order Requests – view the progress of order missions received, including those that have been completed.
  • Mail – allows the player to send and receive email from non-player characters encountered during the story. The star markings next to a character’s name indicate their current intimacy level.
  • Data Archive – lets the player access information related to events that have occurred on their journey. It also includes a list of gameplay tips.
  • Bridge Link – allows the player to view their relationship with other players who they have interacted with online. A feature called a “strand contract” lets players forge bonds with each other to deepen their relationship. While not mentioned in the video, it is likely that being bound by a strand contract has some unique advantages.
  • Music Player – lets the player listen to music while in the safe room. Tracks can be unlocked by progressing through the game.
  • System -allows the player to save, load, and tweak some of the game’s settings.
  • Room Color – lets the player change the color of the safe room’s interior to their liking.

Fragile Jump Terminal

The fragile jump terminal provides fast travel functions for Sam. This technology is developed by the Fragile Express.

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