Death Stranding - Order No. 7 Recover Chiral Printer Interface Mission Walkthrough

A complete mission walkthrough for Order No. 7 Recover Chiral Printer Interface in Death Stranding, including mission objectives, enemies encountered, and rewards

Death Stranding - Head West! Order No. 4

Episode 2 – Amelie Order No. 7


Order No. 7
Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City
Objectives Enemies Rewards
Recover the Chiral Printer Interface from the MULES South of the Distribution Center
  • Design Data: Bridges Boots (Level 1)
  • PCC Option: Bridge
  • Chiral Crystals usable at all UCA-facilities
  • 43 likes (Max of 45 likes)
Unlock Conditions

Story Mission Walkthroughs


Recover the Chiral Printer Interface.

1 Go around the Distribution center to reach the back.
2 Take the path on the left with the hills.
3 When you reach the cliff, deploy the ladder if there aren’t any nearby.
4 Descend down to reach the bottom floor.
5 Use the odradek scanner to track the MULES and dispatch them with stealth.
6 When the coast is clear, make haste to the nearby postbox.
7 Seize the Chiral interface, some lost cargo, as well as a couple of materials. You should be able to carry these if you started out with an empty backpack.
8 Continue along the path to return to the Distribution Center.
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