Death Stranding - Chiral Network Locations and Guide

Information on the Chiral Network and their locations based on region.

Death Stranding - Chiral Network Locations and Guide

Chiral Network Locations

Chiral Network

The Chiral Network is a network aimed to connect the states. It plays a vital role in integrating people across the states through the creation of established coordinates.

What is the Chiral Network?

Expanding the network’s coverage

At the start, the map is empty due to the lack of registered coordinates. Sam needs to expand the coverage of the network to unlock those areas on the map and ultimately connect the states.

Leaving the area

If Sam goes out of bounds, he can’t create tools, items, or equipment using the chiral printer. In addition, he can’t use shared areas and items that were left by other players.

Chiral Printer

List of Chiral Network Locations

Eastern Region

Locations How to Unlock Unlocked Facilities and Items
K2 West Relay Station Episode 2: Order No. 4
  • Delivery terminal
  • Craft weapons and equipment
  • Shared locker
  • Construction post
K2 West Distribution Center Episode 2: Order No. 5
  • Delivery terminal
  • Handcuffs terminal
  • Mail
  • Data Archive
Wind Farm Episode 2: Order No.9
  • Delivery terminal
  • Orders
  • Delivery
  • Luggage
  • Garage
  • Construction Materials
  • Generator
  • Handcuffs terminal
  • Supply request
  • Bridge Link (BL)
K3 Port Knot City Episode 2: Order No. 14
  • Hematic Grenade x2
  • Blood Bag x2

Central Region

Locations How to Unlock Unlocked Facilities and Items
The Engineer Episode 3: Order No. 19
  • Reward
    • Power Skeleton Level 1
  • Weapon Creation
    • Smoked Grenades Level 1
    • Power Skeleton Level 1
Elder Episode 3: Order No. 20
  • None
Craftsman Episode 3: Order No. 22
  • Bola Gun
K4 Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City Episode 3: Order No. 24
  • Bridges Type Boots Level 2
Weather Station Episode 3: Order No. 27
  • Delivery terminal
  • Special alloy
  • Construction equipment level 2
  • Floater
  • Building creation
    • Timefall Shelter
    • Safe House
  • Handcuff terminal
Timefall Farm Episode 3: Order No. 28
  • Odradek upgrade
Film Director Episode 3: Order No. 31
  • Sunglasses

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