Death Stranding - Status Gauge Guide

Guide on Sam's different status gauges in Death Stranding, including an overview of each and ways of replenishing them.

Death Stranding - Status Gauge Guide

Guide on Sam’s Status Gauges

HP Gauge

The HP gauge is displayed as a red bar. There are cases that Sam will suffer from bleeding effects called Anemia that hinder Sam’s mobility. Sam will die if his HP is completely exhausted.

How to Recover HP

  • Consume insects.
  • Take a rest.
  • Sleep in the field.

Stamina Gauge

Sam’s stamina is displayed with a blue bar. If it depletes, both his movement speed and stability will decrease. When Sam encounters a threat, his stamina gauge will shift to “Adrenaline Mode”. In this mode, his stamina will replenish rapidly. His stamina gauge will revert back to normal once the adrenaline mode is over, but it will decrease quickly to zero.

Adrenaline Mode Triggers

  • Enemy encountered.
  • Discovered BT.
  • Washing down a river.
  • Accidentally slide down a steep slope.

How to Recover Stamina

  • Drink water
  • Rest

BB Stress Gauge

If Sam’s BB stress gauge depletes, he will no longer be able to spot surrounding enemy BTs.

BB Stress Gauge Depletes

  • When BB is soaked in water.
  • When BB cries.

How to Recover BB Stress

  • Cradle Sam’s BB by holding L2 + ↓ + □ and gently moving the controller up and down.
  • If the stress gauge is already zero, cradling the BB will not work anymore. Instead, look for the nearest BB private room to replenish the bar.

Perseverance Gauge

The perseverance gauge is represented by a light blue bar. The gauge represents how much physical stress Sam can withstand while delivering his cargo. If it depletes to zero, Sam will suddenly fall down and be unable to move.

Perseverance Gauge Triggers

  • Crossing rivers.
  • Climbing up steep slopes.
  • Continuous jumping.
  • Holding his breath.
  • Dragging objects to the BT Gazer

How to Recover Perserveance

  • Taking a break.
  • Resting.

Boots Durability Gauge

The boots durability gauge indicates how long Sam’s equipped shoes are usable. If his boots break, he can still walk or run, but his stamina gauge will greatly decrease.

Boots Durability Triggers

  • Walking or running.
  • Leaping from high altitude.

How to Recover Shoe Durability

  • Make or buy new shoes.
  • Steal boots from enemy Mules.

Stun Gauge

Sam’s stun gauge appears when he is hit by electrified poles wielded by enemy Mules. It appears as a yellow bar on top of Sam’s HP bar. This stun gauge does not appear when Sam is facing enemy BTs.

When Sam’s stun gauge reaches zero, he will be driven out from the enemy Mule Camp and he will lose some cargo.

How to Recover Stun Gauge

  • Disengage battle against Mules.

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