Death Stranding - Music Player Guide

Details on the music player in Death Stranding. Included are an overview, how to play music in the safe house and the custom structures, as well as a list of tracks.


Death Stranding offers listening to a slew of tracks in the Safe House. However, you can also customize structures in your exploration to have some tunes play while you take a moment of respite in between your journey.

How to Play Music

To get started, head to the Safe House. Interact with the terminal, the map in your bunker, and menu will show up on the left hand side. Go down the selection to find the music player option. You can browse through the list of tracks. The current list depends on your completion rate. You can pick whether to play the entire track on repeat or loop one song. The music fades when you exit Sam’s private room.

After listening to music for the first time, you unlock the Soothing Sounds trophy.

Customize Structure

Another way to force some music to play is through the overworld. You need to go through the game until you unlock the feature that allows you to construct buildings. After attaining the second level, you can now customize it. While you don’t unlock the music player to listen to a playlist on your travels, you can set a song that plays each time people in online mode interact with the structure. Try choosing a song that fits the mood of nearby players. Similar to Sam’s room, the music slowly dies out when you leave the location.

List of Tracks

Below is a list of songs that appears on the play list.

  • Anything You Need – Low Roar
  • Because We Have To – Low Roar
  • Bones – Low Roar
  • Breathe In – Low Roar
  • Don’t Be So Serious – Low Roar
  • Easy Way Out – Low Roar
  • Give Up – Low Roar
  • Gosia – Low Roar
  • I’ll Keep Coming – Low Roar
  • I’m Leaving – Low Roar
  • Once In a Long, Long While… – Low Roar
  • Patience – Low Roar
  • Poznan – Low Roar
  • Rolling Over – Low Roar
  • St. Eriksplan – Low Roar
  • The Machine – Low Roar
  • Waiting (10 Years) – Low Roar
  • Without You – Low Roar
  • Asylums for the Feeling (feat. Leila Adu) – SILENT POETS
  • Yellow Box – The Neighbourhood
  • Ghost – Alan Walker & Au/Ra
  • Trigger – Khalid & Major Lazer
  • Ludens – Bring me the Horizon
  • Sing To Me – Missio
  • Born In the Slumber – Flora Cash
  • Meanwhile… In Genova – The S.L.P.
  • Pop Virus – Gen Hoshino
  • Death Stranding – Chvrches

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