Death Stranding - Story Mission Walkthroughs

A list of story mission walkthroughs in Death Stranding. Click on a story mission to view a strategy guide containing best delivery routes, recommended weapons and equipment, enemies and bosses encountered, and rewards obtained.

Death Stranding - Story Mission Walkthroughs

Story Missions


Order No. 1 Smart Drug Delivery

Episode 1 – Bridget

Order No. 2 Morphine Delivery Order No. 3 Cremation

Episode 2 – Amelie

Order No.4 Smart Drug Delivery Order No. 5 Rare Metal Delivery Order No. 6 Create a Postbox
Order No. 7 Recovery Order No. 8 Collection Order No. 9 Power Supply Unit Delivery
Order No. 10 Create a Bridge Order No. 11 Resin Delivery Order No. 12 Recovery
Order No. 13 Cryptobiote Delivery Order No.14 Aid Package Delivery Order No.16 Elimination
Order No. 17 Order No. 18 Aid Package Delivery

Episode 3 – Fragile

Order No. 19 Evo-devo Unit Delivery Order No. 20 Prescription Medicine Delivery Order No. 21 Gun Parts and Anti-BT Weapon Delivery
Order No. 22 Recovery: Toolbox Order No. 23 Retrieval: System Server Order No. 24 Prototype Bot Delivery
Order No. 25 Road Reconstruction Order No. 27 Chiralium Gauge Delivery

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