Death Stranding - Order No. 68 Cryptobiote Delivery Mission Walkthrough

A complete mission walkthrough for Order No. 68 Cryptobiote Delivery: Capital Knot City Isolation Ward in Death Stranding, including mission objectives, enemies encountered, and rewards

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Episode 11 – Bridges Order No. 68

Death Stranding - Order No. 68 Walkthrough


Order No. 68
Cryptobiote Delivery: Capital Knot City Isolation Ward
Objectives Rewards Recommended Equipment
  • Deliver the cryptobiotes.
  • Defeat the BT.
  • Quadruple Rocket Launcher
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Blood Bags
Unlock Conditions
Clear Order No. 67 Escape the Battlefield.

Story Mission Walkthrough List


Deliver the cryptobiotes.

1 From Port Knot City, head northeast to the marked location. You will need to defeat a massive whale BT during the mission so pack as many weapons and blood bags as you can. The quadruple rocket launcher will allow you to easily deal a large amount of damage against the boss. Container repair sprays will also be useful as your cargo may get damaged during the fight.

The path toward the isolation ward in Capital Knot City is blocked by many BTs, including one that resembles a giant squid. It is not recommended to engage them as you will need all of your ammo and supplies on the whale BT near the end of the mission. When the squid BT appears, you can just run away to save up on items.

If you want, you can take out watchers using your cuff link to collect chiral crystals along the way.

Defeat the BT.

2 As you head further east, the whale BT will appear. When the fight begins, equip the quadruple grenade launcher and wait for the whale BT to jump in the air. Fire at the boss when it surfaces and relocate. Watch out for when the BT’s head is facing your direction as it will fire a beam of gold liquid that does massive damage. That attack will also destroy buildings that it hits.

The whale BT can also hit you with BT projectiles when it flies through the air. Run to the side to avoid getting clipped.

Other players may provide you with supplies if you are running low so do not hesitate to move around and look for them. Cryptobiotes will also be in abundance in the boss area to help you survive the fight.

Death Stranding - Order No. 68 Walkthrough

3 After defeating the boss, check your cargo and use container repair sprays to restore their condition. Push on to the isolation ward at Capital Knot City to complete the mission.
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