Death Stranding - Porter Guide

Details on Porters in Death Stranding. Included are an overview and how to negotiate with Porters.


Porters are friendly npcs that carry valuable items in their cargo. Unlike the rowdy MULEs, Porters lend a hand and wave at Sam when he comes across them.

Interact with the Porters

Porters share identical roles with Sam as delivery personnel. They offer excess items up for trade with passers-by. Porters carry two kinds of cargo. One consists of an assortment of items which they offer by hand, the other includes rare cargo which is strapped to their backs.

These npcs can be distinguished from MULEs because of their signature cream-colored clothes and cargo. Porters can interact with the environment and can do a number of things such as climbing ladders and giving “likes” on buildings they have used. They tend to ignore hostile groups like MULEs, Demens and even Sam if he goes into a fit of rage. If Sam drives them out of their territory, some Porters may flock to those areas.

How to negotiate

Hit pause and choose the cargo menu. Browse through your supplies and choose an item you no longer need. Finalize by picking either hand to carry it with, then hit confirm.

When you return to the overworld, tap the touchpad to call their attention. If they fail to notice you, you can move around them until they become aware. Once they see you, they will offer something up. To start the negotiation, hold down R2 or L2 and walk up to the npc for the trade to take place. Be careful not to accidentally hit the Porters since they will run away.

After a succesful negotiation,  you will unlock the trophy “Any Porter in a Storm.”

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