Death Stranding - Hologram Guide

Details on holograms in Death Stranding. Included are an overview, steps on obtaining holograms, and tips on building connection levels.

Death Stranding - Structures and Facilities Guide


Sam can construct buildings in the overworld. Upon unlocking Portable Chiral Constructor (PCC) level 2, Sam can also fine-tune the structure to his liking. Among the unlocked custom features are holograms which Sam can put up for other players to see during online play.


Holograms are tokens given to Sam when he completes orders. Sam can take on orders from distribution centers as well as preppers. If you’ve been keeping up with the main story, chances are that you’ll already have some of these holograms. Some holograms require you to meet certain conditions like building connection levels.

How to get rare holograms

Rare holograms require patience and legwork. Simply put, Sam needs to reconnect the Craftsman to the Chiral network and build his connection level. The Craftsman becomes available when you start Order Number 21.

Work your way to at least Connection level 3 to get a rare hologram.

Connection Level Rewards

How to build your connection level

Focus on completing Standard Orders. Ideally, you’ll want to have a steady stream of supplies for the prepper you’re trying to connect with. The Craftsman also appreciates it when you return Lost Cargo. Travel to BT-infested zones and MULE campsites to find them. You need to sneak into the camp and retrieve any Lost Cargo that have been stashed inside the postboxes a couple of times.

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