Death Stranding - Preppers Guide

Information on Preppers in Death Stranding. Included are an overview as well as preppers, lost cargo, and their locations.


Preppers are people that appear as holographic images inside bunkers. Missions involving Preppers are optional side quests in which you are tasked with locating the Prepper’s lost cargo. Succeeding will earn you likes. If you earn enough likes, you can receive bonus items.

Taking side quests

While Preppers aren’t involved in the main story, you can visit them in each region to unlock trophies and receive a full completion rate after finishing the story.


Death Stranding - Ludens Fan

Preppers are found in isolation inside bunkers. In your exploration, you will encounter lost cargo which you need to deliver to their owners.

Locating the owner

The lost cargo comes with a tag to distinguish it from others. After you deliver the item, you can earn likes. You need to collect many likes to earn rewards.

Preppers and their locations

Lost cargo location Bunker Location Prepper
The Wandering MC

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