Death Stranding - How to Find the Secret Room

A guide on how to find and access the secret room in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding - How to Find the Secret Room

Peter Englert’s Secret Room

This article contains spoilers.

After clearing the game, head to Peter Englert’s shelter west of Lake Knot City. You will discover that the door to his quarters will be open. Follow the corridor to the secret room and you will discover his true identity.

Death Stranding - How to Find the Secret Room

Upon examining the secret room, it will become obvious that Peter Englert is none other than Higgs. You may have visited the shelter a few times if you took on some of his requests to deliver pizza. These are orders 40, 45, 57, and 66.

Approach the desk and grab the memory chip next to the laptop. Discovering Higgs’ secret room will also unlock the God Particle Go-Getter trophy.

What to Do After Clearing the Game

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