Death Stranding - Game Difficulties

A guide on game difficulties in Death Stranding, including normal, hard, and very easy mode.

Death Stranding - Game Difficulties

Difficulty Settings

Death Stranding - Game Difficulties

The level of difficulty can be set immediately at the start of the game. You can change it on the fly even after already starting a file. To change the level of difficulty, press the Option Button, go to System, and then go to Game settings. Finally, choose another difficulty to replace the current one.

For players who desire to focus on the story, the best option is to choose very easy mode. Meanwhile, those who want to play with more depth can opt for higher levels of difficulty.

Very Easy Mode

Very easy mode is for players who wish to enjoy the game’s story. It features enemies that can be defeated in just a few hits. Even foes like catchers can be defeated in two to three shots. Cargo will also be much easier to balance.

Easy Mode

Easy mode is for players who prefer a little challenge.

Normal Mode

Normal mode is the default game setting. Recommended for those who like a good balance of story and gameplay.

Hard Mode

Currently the highest difficulty. This level is suggested for veteran players. You will earn the best rank after clearing the game.

Effects of changing the level of difficulty

There are many features that are affected after changing difficulty. These include movement, combat, puzzle hints, and ranking.

Bear in mind that after changing the level of difficulty, your rank will depend on the level with the lowest difficulty.

Movement and combat

When set on lower difficulty levels, you can move and fight freely with little to no restrictions. It is also significantly easier to balance your cargo as you walk on lower difficulties.

Puzzle hints

On lower difficulty levels, hints for puzzles appear immediately.


After clearing objectives, you are evaluated based on your performance. Some ranks such as Legend* and S Rank Legend* are only given to players who cleared Normal or higher levels of difficulty.

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