Death Stranding - Chiral Printer Guide

A guide on the chiral printer in Deah Stranding. Included are information on how to unlock it, how to craft, and tips.

Death Stranding - Chiral Printer Guide

Chiral Printer

What is a chiral printer?

Death Stranding - Chiral Printer Guide

A chiral printer allows you to create various structures to help you as you traverse the UCA to complete deliveries.

Crafting List

Death Stranding - What is the Chiral Printer

Building structures and facilities using the chiral printer first requires the establishment of a chiral network. This is done by completing requests for NPCs encountered during the main story. Doing more requests for them will increase intimacy. This, in turn, will raise the limit of structures and facilities you can build in a chiral network.

Various materials such as metals, ceramics, and chiral crystals must then be used to build structures and facilities. These can be gathered while exploring the world during missions or by defeating BTs.

Tips for Fighting BTs

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