Death Stranding - Order No. 13 Cryptobiote Delivery Mission Walkthrough

A complete mission walkthrough for Order No. 13 Cryptobiote Delivery to Capital Knot City in Death Stranding, including mission objectives, enemies encountered, and rewards

Death Stranding - Head West! Order No. 4

Episode 2 – Amelie Order No. 13

Death Stranding - Order No. 13 Walkthrough


Order No. 13
Cryptobiote Delivery: Capital Knot City
Objectives Rewards Recommended Equipment
Deliver the cryptobiotes ASAP.
  • Easy Way Out sound data
  • Toke of Gratitude hat
  • Blood Bag
  • Hematic Grenade (Lv.1)
  • Ladder
  • Reverse Trike
Unlock Conditions
Clear Order No. 12 Recovery.

Story Mission Walkthrough List


Deliver the cryptobiotes while avoiding the water.

1 From the distribution center, follow the waypoint to Capital Knot City. It is recommended to travel on the bike since the mission has a time limit of 30 minutes. Moving faster also allows you to lose any mules on the road if they give chase.

Death Stranding - Order No. 13 Walkthrough

2 The way to Capital Knot City from the distribution center is not far. The stretch of land just before Capital Knot City has many streams, so you will need to maneuver around them to reach your destination. Remember to load the cryptobiotes on your back and not on the bike to keep them from getting wet.

When you arrive in Capital Knot City, head to the delivery destination. Access the terminal to complete the delivery.

Death Stranding - Order No. 13 Walkthrough

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