Death Stranding - Order No. 13 Cryptobiote Delivery to Capital Knot City Mission Walkthrough

A complete mission walkthrough for Order No. 13 Cryptobiote Delivery to Capital Knot City in Death Stranding, including mission objectives, enemies encountered, and rewards

Death Stranding - Head West! Order No. 4

Episode 2 – Amelie Order No. 13


Order No. 13
Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City
Objectives Enemies Rewards
Deliver Cryptobiotes to Capital Knot City under the time limit
  • Beached Things
Unlock Conditions


Deliver the cryptobiotes while avoiding the water.

Although you can accept this order alongside the next one, you’re better off doing one after the other due to time restrictions. The tricky part about this order is that, not only is it timed, but you also need to prevent the cargo from getting wet. Before heading out, store some portable ladders in your backpack.

Other than that, if you cleared Order No. 12, the MULES should not pose a threat when you cross their camp.

1 Starting at the Distribution Center, follow the north path and go around the chain of hills.
2 You’ll be crossing two BT zones along the way, so you need to keep noise to a minimum.
3 The first zone is the Distribution Center up north.
5 When you reach the area lined with rivers, deploy some portable ladders to safely get across.
6 Keep going and you will eventually arrive at Capital Knot city.


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