Death Stranding - Motorbike Guide

A guide on using the motorbike in Death Stranding. Included are how to unlock it, controls, recharging, durability, and cargo management.

Death Stranding - Motorbike Guide


Death Stranding - Motorbike Guide

Motorbikes are transport vehicles that let you load cargo to speed up your deliveries. They run on batteries and can use up additional power when exposed to water. It is also important to avoid crashing into obstacles to avoid damaging your cargo.

How to unlock

Motorbikes can be used after clearing order no. 9 in the main story. Completing the delivery allows you to construct a generator facility to make a motorbike operable.


Input Command
R2 Accelerate
L2 Brake / reverse
L3 Burnout during boost
× Jump


Since the motorbike runs on solar power, it will gradually recover charge in clear or cloudy weather. The generator facility also charges the motorbike’s battery and at a much faster rate.


The motorbike’s durability will degrade over time. It can be repaired at a Bridges facility by parking it there. The steps to restore the motorbike’s durability are indicated below.

  1. Select “Delivery Terminal.”
  2. Select “Garage.”
  3. Select “Park vehicle.”
  4. Select “Remove vehicle from parking lot.”

Cargo Capacity

The motorbike will use up more battery the more cargo is loaded onto it. Its speed also decreases as it carries heavier loads.

Distributing Cargo Weight

Since your the motorbike will easily run out of batteries from carrying too much cargo, it is better to carry much of the load on your back as you ride. Your own weight will not affect the motorbike’s performance, allowing your vehicle to run in the best condition possible.

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