Death Stranding - Tips for Combat

A list of tips for combat against the various enemies in Death Stranding, including humans and BTs.

Death Stranding - Tips for Combat

Tips for Combat

Always try to go for stealth attacks

Death Stranding - Tips for Combat

Taking out human enemies without being seen is the most efficient form of combat. While crouching, approach targets from behind and bind them using the strand to make as little noise as possible. Hiding in tall grass or behind cover is a good way to sneak up on enemies as well.

Tips for Fighting Mules

Collect items before taking on catchers

Death Stranding - Tips for Combat

As soon as you are transported into the catcher’s lair, sweep the area for some useful items, especially blood bags. These items allow you to use hematic grenades and the BT gun without expending your own blood. Blood bags also recover a moderate amount of your health to help you survive the fight.

Tips for Fighting BTs

Get on stable ground when fighting catchers

Death Stranding - Tips for Combat

When up against catchers, try to get on top of buildings, cars, and debris to give you better mobility. Being half-submerged in the water will make you easier prey for the catcher.

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