Death Stranding - Weapon List

A list of all weapons in Death Stranding, including descriptions, usage notes, weight, and how to obtain them.

Death Stranding - Weapon List

Death Stranding Weapons

Ranged Weapons

Name Description Notes How to Obtain
Bola Gun A weapon that binds targets within firing range. Uses strands to bind and immobilize or stun humans or BTs. Use L2 to ready and R2 to fire. Hold R2 to charge and increase strand width and range. Non-Lethal Anti Personnel Weapon.
  • Requires reloading after each shot.
Assault Rifle
Charge Type BT Gun

Melee Weapons

Name Description Notes How to Obtain
Strand Can be used to bind human enemies from behind and parry attacks at close quarters. Use L2 to ready a strand and R2 to bind a target. Non-Lethal Anti Personnel Weapon.

Throwing Weapons

Name Description Notes How to Obtain
EX Grenade
Hematic Grenade Hand grenade designed for use against BTs. It will draw from Sam’s body if a blood bag is not equipped. Use L2 to aim and R2 to throw. Hold R2 to throw further Non-Lethal Anti-BT Weapon.
  • Without any blood bags, expends 15 ml of own blood per use.

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