Death Stranding - Lost Cargo Guide

A guide to lost cargo in Death Stranding, including mechanics and tips on delivering them.

Death Stranding - Lost Cargo List

Lost Cargo

Death Stranding - Lost Cargo Guide

Lost cargo are items left behind by non-player characters and other online players that you can pick up while exploring the game world. Delivering them to their owners rewards you with likes. Lost cargo can be either usable or non-usable items.


The condition of lost cargo can deteriorate

When dropped, exposed to rain, or submerged in water, lost cargo may get damaged. You can repair the package by using a cargo recovery spray.

Using lost cargo

Lost cargo that is not marked with a delivery address can be used. These include weapons, equipment, consumable items, and materials. Note that it will be impossible to turn in lost cargo after using them.

Lost cargo versus dropped cargo

Lost cargo are packages that have been left behind for some time and have ended up far away from their owners. Dropped cargo, meanwhile, are those usually belonging to online players and have their names on them. These are mostly equipment and items you can use or return to their owners.

It is possible for dropped cargo to become lost cargo if you move too far away from it after dropping it.

Delivering and entrusting lost cargo

Death Stranding - Lost Cargo Guide

You can deliver lost cargo by using the terminal found at its marked destination. Lost cargo can also be entrusted to other players to deliver by dropping them off at terminals other than its delivery address.

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