Death Stranding - Cargo Safety Guide

Information on Cargo Safety in Death Stranding. Included are an overview and tips on how to take care of the cargo.

Death Stranding - Cargo Safety Guide


Cargo safety covers the damage caused to both the cargo case and the cargo. Some examples of damage include severe impact or exposure to water from natural sources. Focus on reducing the container’s shock absorption.

Terrain Guide

Damage sensor tape

When the cargo is hit, the damage sensor tape will glow. If the cargo is repeatedly struck, it will start to decay. In this process, the sensor tape’s color will change from a bright yellow to an alarming red. Be sure to protect the cargo and aim to deliver it to the recipient in mint condition.

Bring some repair spray

If the case holding the cargo is struck, its shock absorption will lower. When damaged, you need to use container repair spray. Keep in mind that you can’t repair items that aren’t inside the case.

Submerged cargo

Bodies of water also pose a threat to the cargo. When you find yourself passing through these areas, use a portable ladder or cross bridges to get across safely.

Check the weather

Before heading out, check the weather for rainfall. When a storm is brewing, make sure your cargo is tucked inside the case. Rain is one of the more pesky threats since it makes container spray less effective.

Examine the cargo case’s color

Cargo can be divided into different types depending on the case’s color. Silver cases are for unnamed luggage. Meanwhile, special cases are gold and require extra attention since they can’t be repaired once they break.

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