Death Stranding - Amelie Character Information

Character information for Amelie, one of the supporting characters in Death Stranding.


Amelie Amelie is an admin of the UCA (United Cities of America) who intends to unify the different cities in America and help them prosper as she becomes the next president of the UCA.

In order to accomplish the unification, she sets out on a journey around America to talk to the surviving communities and convince them to join the UCA. However, her expedition is cut short when she is abducted by the Homo Demens, a militant separatist group.

Die-Hardman, an important figure in Bridges, gives Sam a mission to continue Amelie’s expedition. Sam needs to connect the remaining cities to the Chiral Network and save Amelie from the Homo Demens by going to Capital Knot City.

Amelie is voiced by Emily O’Brien (EN) and Kikuko Inoue (JP).

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