Death Stranding - Cargo Management Guide

A guide on cargo management for Death Stranding. Included is information on cargo space, cargo management tips, and recommended cargo for early game.

Death Stranding - Cargo Management Guide

Cargo Management

Cargo Space

Cargo Space Description
Back Main equipment space. Any S to XL size cargo can be placed here.
Suit Fixing (x4) Can accommodate S size equipment.
Tool Hanger Can accommodate S size equipment.
Boot Hanger Can accommodate spare footwear.
Utility Pouch (x4) Can accommodate blood bags.
Hands Carrying cargo by hand is not recommended since you will be hindered.

Cargo Mechanics

Back cargo space

Any type of cargo can be placed on your back. Keep in mind that getting hit or falling down can cause cargo on your back to drop and get damaged.

Other cargo space

All other cargo will not drop even if you fall down or are attacked.

Carrying cargo by hand is not recommended

Holding cargo by hand will hinder movement, so avoid carrying it this way.

Cargo weight indicator

The weight of your cargo is indicated by color. It can be red, yellow, or white to indicate that your load is heavy, moderate, or light.

Death Stranding - Cargo Management Guide

Always strive to have the weight indicator colored white as pictured above. If you must carry heavy cargo, try as much as possible to stay at moderate cargo weight indicated by the color yellow below.

Death Stranding - Cargo Management Guide

When starting out, avoid bringing too much equipment. It is better to make room for picking up items as you travel instead.

Use the floating carrier for heavy cargo

Death Stranding - Cargo Management Guide

After clearing order no. 27, you will obtain the floating carrier that can accommodate up to 300 kg of load. It can be used to carry a large amount of XL cargo required for huge structures such as roads and safe houses.

The floating carrier requires chiral crystals to fabricate so try to gather as many of the material whenever you can.

How to Farm Chiral Crystals

Recommended cargo for early game

You must make the most out of your available cargo space since you will only have five S-size spaces to bring everything you need. This includes tools, weapons, attire, and consumables.

Order No. 4

You will be able to freely manage your cargo when beginning order no. 4. Remember to bring the tools below before heading out.

  • Ladder x1
  • Climbing anchor x1

With these two tools, try to keep your cargo weight as low as possible. Also, be mindful of where to deploy items so that other players can also use them.

Order No. 4 Walkthrough

Order No. 14

When beginning order no. 14, you will be able to bring hematic grenades. Below is the recommended equipment to bring before starting the mission.

  • Shoulder: Hematic grenade x2
  • Waist: Ladder x1
  • Waist: Climbing anchor x1
  • Tool Hanger: Construction equipment x1

It takes around six to seven hematic grenades to defeat the fish-like catcher that will appear near the beginning of the mission. Equip two frames of hematic grenades to give you as many as 10 during the fight.

Construction equipment allows you to install posts and generators in an area. The generator is particularly important in the early game as it will allow you to recharge your motorbike and power skeleton batteries.

Motorbikes allow you to move faster, while power skeletons increase your cargo carrying capacity. These are invaluable in helping you complete deliveries with as little trouble as possible.

Order No. 14 Walkthrough

Order No. 23

Use the power skeleton and bola gun after obtaining them in order no. 19 and order no. 22 respectively.

  • Shoulder: Hematic grenades x2
  • Waist: None (equip the power skeleton when necessary)
  • Tool hanger: Bola gun
  • Back: Ladder, climbing anchor, etc.

Load the ladder and climbing anchor on your back. Put on the power skeleton on your waist if you need to run away from mules. Note that it can be equipped as soon as you remove it from your back cargo.

Order No. 23 Walkthrough

Order No. 35

After clearing order no. 34, you will receive the speed skeleton that allows you to sprint significantly faster than normal. It is especially useful for orders with time restrictions or for carrying very few cargo.

Load the speed skeleton on your back cargo and use it when you need to.

Order No. 35 Walkthrough

Recommended cargo for mid game

Order No. 42

Before taking on order no. 42, swap out your bola gun for the assault rifle with rubber bullets. Since the mules from this point will become murderous terrorists,  you will need to take them out without actually killing them. This is to prevent them from turning into BTs upon death.

Order No. 42 Walkthrough

Order No. 48

The all-terrain skeleton halves patience consumption which is useful for clearing orders in episode 6. This part of the main story requires you to move through thick snow and rivers.

Episode 6 orders also have you moving back and forth between different locations. Because of this, it is recommended to bring several level 2 construction equipment, especially zip-line PCCs, to allow you to travel faster.

Order No. 48 Walkthrough


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