Death Stranding - Order No. 47 High-bounce Spring Delivery Mission Walkthrough

A complete mission walkthrough for Order No. 47 High-bound Spring Delivery: Roboticist in Death Stranding. Included are mission objectives, enemies encountered, rewards, and recommended equipment.

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Episode 6 – Deadman Order No. 47

Death Stranding - Order No. 47 Walkthrough


Order No. 47
High-bounce Spring Delivery: Roboticist
Objectives Rewards Recommended Equipment
Deliver the high-bounce spring.
  • Adds the roboticist in the chiral network
  • All-terrain skeleton (Lv.1)
  • PCC Lv.2
  • Power Skeleton
  • Hematic Grenades
  • Blood Bags
  • Container Repair Spray
Unlock Conditions
Clear Order No. 46 Mama Delivery.

Story Mission Walkthrough List


Deliver the high-bounce spring.

1 From the Mountain Knot City distribution center, head southeast to the roboticist’s shelter. Before heading out, bring hematic grenades and the anti-BT assault rifle to deal with BTs along the way. Since the snow will gradually degrade your cargo’s condition, bring container repair sprays to restore them.

The path to the roboticist’s shelter requires you to traverse a steep and rocky mountain in the snow. Traveling on foot is recommended.

Death Stranding - Order No. 47 Walkthrough

2 Players will have likely built zip-lines to help you traverse the mountains faster. As you near the roboticist’s shelter, timefall will occur. Equip anti-BT weapons as you make your way toward the marked location. When you arrive at the roboticist’s shelter, use the terminal to complete the terminal.
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