Death Stranding - What to Do After Clearing the Game

A guide on what to do after clearing Death Stranding's main story.

Death Stranding - What to Do After Clearing

What to Do After Clearing

Death Stranding’s story technically ends in Chapter 14 after completing Order No. 70. Afterwards, you will initiate Chapter 15 which lets you freely explore the UCA.

Story Mission List

Browse events

You can view warfare scenes or watch memories of Cliff. Check the shelf in the Private Room and examine the figurines of green army men to view them.

Customize your suit’s color

In the Safe House, go to the equipment screen of Sam’s suit. From there pick examine equipment rack and then select change color scheme. Finally, pick the suit to alter its colors.

Visit the Secret Room of “Peter Englert”

After clearing the game, you can visit Peter Englert’s shelter west of Lake Knot City to find the door to his quarters open. Follow the corridor to the secret room where you can pick up a memory chip and obtain one of the game’s trophies.

Collect All Memory Chips

It is worth collecting all 56 memory chips from all across the UCA to obtain the Fountain of Knowledge and A Thirst for Knowledge trophies.

Complete Standard Orders

Completing standard orders allows you to receive likes and equipment. You will also get the Everyday Delivery, Deliveries Done, and The Automation Revolution trophies for doing them.

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