Alena Character Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a character guide for Alena in Dragon Quest Heroes 2.


A fist fighter like Carver, Alena employs attacks in flurries and can easily accumulate Tension in the battlefield. This makes it very easy for her to overwhelm her enemies with her arsenal of abilities.

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Ability MP Needed
Multifist: Unleashes a flurry of fists that can be increased by holding the button down 10 MP
Divide and Conquer: Creates 2 clones that imitate the actions of the caster. 20 MP
Flying Fist / Super Flying Fist / Über Flying Fist: Launches the enemy with a forceful uppercut. 7 / 11 / 19 MP
Roaring Tirade: Releases a force from the palms that make enemies tumble. 7 MP
Whirlwind Cut: Shoots blades of wind that can be increased by holding the button down. 12 MP
Steel Rending Palm: Takes a large step forward launching the enemy with a lightning imbued uppercut. 4 MP
Satisfying Breath: Temporarily increases critical chance. 18 MP
Diving Punch: Leaps into the air charging the attack followed by powerfully lunging it into the ground. 13 MP

Basic Combos

Technical name Button operation
Rush Raid □ → □ → □ → □ → □
Somersault □ → △
Earth Quake □ → □ → △
Roundhouse Kick □ → □ → □ → △
Continuous Kick □ → □ → □ → □ → △
Time □ / △ after an attack ending with the △ button
Aerial Kick In the air □
Aerial Pound In the air △


Strongest Weapon

Orichalcum Gauntlet

  • Attack Power: 173
  • How to Obtain: Buy at the store for 223500 G (after finishing the main quest)

How to make her an ally

Alena will join you at the Great Canyon Battle.

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